Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Replaces Jill's default outfit with her RE5 B.S.A.A. outfit.

Permissions and credits
Update v1.3: 4/8/2020
- Updated the mod to finally work with the full release version of RE3!
- Big thanks to alphaz for their demo mods fix!
- Fixed a texture issue with the leg knife on the Original Gear Variant

Important Details:
- If planning to use one of the hat mods with the body mods you MUST install the body first then a hat
- Using a hat mod by itself will result in bugs, only use a hat mod if planning to use a body mod as well
- This mod WILL conflict with the other costumes so only have the mod installed if you only currently plan on using it 

Jill's amazing B.S.A.A outfit from RE5 is back and comes in several different variations!

No Gear Variant: No gear of any kind.

Original Gear Variant: Her original RE5 gear.

New Gear Variant: Her new R3make gear.

Mixed Gear Variant: Features a combination of both her original and new gear.

Optional Hat Add-on: Jill's cap is a separate mod addition so that you can easily choose whether you want to complete the outfit with her hat, keep the hat off or even use the cap with other body mods!

Update v1.1: 3/24/2020
- Ponytail Variant Added

Update v1.2: 4/2/2020
- Edited .mdf2 to 2-Side render to prevent being able to see through the model at certain angles
- Please redownload both the hat and body files for the fix

Major Thanks To:
- JTeghius Kittius
- alphaz
- EvilLord

For helping me get the hair transparency working correctly!

Known Issues:
- 2 belt pouches in front have a slight normal issue (Original Gear Variant Only)
- Neck sometimes clips through collar
- The underside of Jill's hat mesh can be seen through at certain angles
- Slightly visible neck seam
- New Gear Variant harness slightly clips into shoulders
- Knife/Radio/Gun simply float on the side (No Gear Variant)
- Non Original Gear Variants have shadows textured on where her gear would be
- Due to the length of the ponytail compared to Jill's default hair, the physics rigging is very limited and clips into the torso a lot
- Jill will have the wrong hair in the mirror during the beginning sequences
- Jill will be wearing her gear in the mirror during the dream sequence