Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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About this mod

What the title says, a randomizer mod for Re 3 Remake. Read description before download.

Permissions and credits
First of all, this is a Cheat Engine Table, you'll need Cheat Engine to activate the mod. 

This mod includes: 

-Randomized environment objects.

-Randomized wooden boxes.

-Randomized herbs mixture. Mixing any herb can get you any health item, including a first aid spray. 

-Semirandomized gunpowder mixture. You can get different types of ammo from a same mixture aaaaand even some surprise. 

-Randomized weapons. 

-The quantity of ammo you can get from environment objects and gunpowder mixture has been randomized too. 

This mod does NOT includes:

-Enemy randomizer. 

-Key items randomizer. I could do it, but there's no backtracking and you can't even change key items in the same area (like police station or hospital) because it creates a looooooooot of softlocks and Black Death Screens, much more than Re 2 Remake. Despite that, I've been able to change the position of some key items around the station area. 

Known issues

-Carlos usually has graphical glitches when he's using weapons he shouldn't be able to use. 

-This game has an anticheat to prevent code modification. The table has also an anti-anticheat. Be sure you activate the anti-anticheat before activating the randomizer. 

-I do not recommend to use the randomizer on a saved game in which you weren't using it. Some environment objects will be already loaded and won't be randomized. 

If you find any bug, let me know and I'll work to fix them. Enjoy!