Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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Inventory and menus sounds reworked with RE3 1999 sounds.

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1999 Inventory Sounds
Inventory and menus sounds reworked with RE3 1999 sounds.

Recommended 1999 style inventory:
FrankWesker version, Nayefk93 version, Crazy Potato version.

Use FluffyQuack's Fluffy Manager 5000.
Put .rar file to "...\modmanager\Games\RE3R\Mods" folder.
Open Modmanager and install from "Resident Evil 3 Remake" mods list.

 [1999 Inventory Sounds 0.9beta info]
Just a few sfx's not finded or not changed. If not changed cause sfx uses to another stuff (eg. herb pick-up sound also uses Item Box>Take-Out sound with applied different sound pitch by game engine).

Inventory Combine>Confirm triggers <item> sfx (same item sfx used in-game maps while picking-up/inserting/using etc..)
So to have 1999 sfx after Combine>Confirm need to find all items sfx's and edit.
 Problem - uses that sound in game when you pick-up item.
 Possibility - find all items sfx's and change, but every item you pick-up will trigers that sound (is just you want or not having 1999 sfx on every item pick-up in map).

Can't change Item Box items scrolling sounds. Uses same sounds as main menu up-down (just lowers volume by engine).
Main menus/In-game options left-right sound (only with key press) different pitch (applied by game engine). Unknown values, edited sfx's to sound similar.