Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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- Each Mod is shown as they are,they are not combined with other mods since that would defeat the purpose of the mod spotlight
- I don't change the name of the mod for clickbait purposes,i respect
your decision of naming the mod so whatever you name the mod will be
shown in my videos title (if it's not vulgar)
- Download link is always provided in the video Description
- Authors and uploaders are both credited on the video and in the
description.. (if the mod was stolen or i credited the wrong person,feel
free to message me and if you can prove that the mod was stolen from
you,the credits will be corrected)

For Mod creators
-If you want a video before you upload your mod file,or you have a premium
paid mod that you wish to properly showcase feel free to contact me on
 (i make videos for free,even for paid mods only catch is that you have to send the mod to me for free.
keep it in mind that I will NEVER share your files publicly)

-I am also skilled in Photoshop,so if you want custom images banners logo's
etc i can make them for you,but it will cost you a little like $5-10
depends on how many images you want

- You can attach my videos to your mods,put them in the description share them however you wish,but
do not re-upload them. I respect you and i don't re-upload your mods,so
please respect me in return and don't re-  upload my videos :)

- I do not showcase nude,or fetish,bdsm mods.. if the mod has nudity,like
no panties etc,the video will be censored.but fully nude mods that show 
breasts or genitalia i will never showcase.

one more thing.. instead of writing how to install the mods,feel free to provide a link
to my MOD INSTALLATION tutorial video in your mods description.. i made a
step by step mod installation tutorial that even a monkey can
understand (proved fact lol)
Here is a short URL for my tutorial video:

Don't Forget to check out my channel for high quality detailed mod spotlights..
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