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324 clean hi-res RE2R textures using both Resident Evil 3 assets and handmade textures, 1K-4K. VR Compatible.

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This texture pack overhauls over 300 Resident Evil 2 Remake textures with higher resolution textures (1K - 4K).  This texture pack revamps select environmental textures along with hundreds of signs, decals, and newspapers to ensure that text is clean and readable in VR.  Placeholder text like "lorem ipsum" was replaced with content that makes sense in the Resident Evil universe.

Highly recommended for both flatscreen and VR!

HD Repack Features
  • Over 150 high resolution textures from RE3 were backported to RE2.  
  • Over 150 low resolution textures were upscaled to 1K-4K using an AI neural network.  Upscaled textures were then retouched by hand in Adobe Photoshop.
  • The textures for many real life paintings i.e. "Virgin and Child with Four Angels", "The Toilette of Venus", "Study of a Woman’s Head", etc. have been replaced with high resolution photos.
  • Newspaper dates and imagery from the 2000s were replaced with dates and imagery from 1998.
  • Low resolution artwork on the S.T.A.R.S. office corkboards were replaced with alternative hi-res artwork from Resident Evil 3.
  • Newspapers on the RPD corkboards were replaced with beautiful hi-res newspapers featuring news reports from the Resident Evil novels.  All newspaper artwork credit goes to onyXkeyblade.  Special thanks for permission to use these graphics in this mod.

Recommended Settings
RE2 has two sets of textures:  Low resolution and Streaming (HD) textures.  The game will ALWAYS use low resolution textures if your Texture Quality is set under 3GB.  It is highly recommended to set your Texture Quality to 3GB or greater, as this will greatly improve select textures which are not covered by this mod.  

1. Install Fluffy Manager 5000.
2. Download this mod.
3. Launch Fluffy Manager and drag and drop the .rar file into the application.
4. Refresh the mod list.
5. Activate this mod and select "Launch Game".  (Once the HD textures have been installed via Fluffy Manager, RE2 can be launched directly from Steam and the HD textures will continue to work just fine.)

I have also included a standalone version of the mod under Optional Files which does not require Fluffy Manager.  To use this version: 
1.  Download the .rar file and extract the included .pak file to your RE2 installation folder.
2.  Rename the file by changing 0XX to a number which is one digit greater than the *.patch_0##.pak files in your folder.  (You would typically rename this to 're_chunk_000.pak.patch_007.pak' but if you are using any of my other standalone RE2 mods, you might need to use 008 or 009.)


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