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My take on Claire's classic RE2 costume

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Hello, well... yeah I know, another classic Claire mod. But it's one I really wanted to do, I've been working on this for a long time, I started with the model in like late 2020 and I finally put it in the game this month, I wanted it to be my first mod of the year.

This is my take on Claire's classic costume directly inspired by the original 98 RE2, with long gloves and a bomber jacket instead of the denim vest Capcom has been using since they redesigned the costume for The Darkside Chronicles (which is the version most of the classic mods have been based on)... and a ****turtleneck shirt**** as she should've had in this game since the beginning but nah, tanktop tanktop tanktops everywhere lol. It blows my mind how someone at Capcom saw the reimagined classic costume in the game and said "yep, that looks right! fans will love it"
In my opinion they completely butchered the top half, it doesn't have the same magic the original design has, without the turtleneck shirt and the gloves it just didn't look or feel right to me, and many others, I'm sure.

To be honest I'm not fully happy with how the shirt came out but it's the best I could do for now, I took the tanktop model and added the missing parts to turn into a turtleneck. I'm not happy with how much the knife sheath clips with the shoulder either, it's something I could try to fix if I do some sort of revision of the mod, but for now I just wanna release it.

Main file has both jacket and no jacket versions + new jacket on classic Sherry. This must be installed first before an addon


Blue shorts - Turns the red shorts to blue like The Darkside Chronicles
Short gloves - Removes the extra cloth from the gloves
No leggings - Removes the short leggings
Short gloves + no leggings - Same as the last two, but combined

Install and use with Fluffy Manager:

Move the .rar files to modmanager/Games/RE2R/Mods, run the manager and install

Legs model/textures originally made by Maliwei777
Gloves from one of Valerie's costumes from REsistance
Bomber jacket is from one of Tyrone's costumes from Resistance
And the boots are a modified version of Jill's classic boots

Hair mod used in the images can be found here