Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Lillith Grace Morningstar

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Nightmare fuel,I have created pure nightmare fuel. V2 is out which fixes some typos,now it works on both of claire's default outfits

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After becoming enraged at claire continuing to fight off my attempts to fuse her with alcina,I swore one more failed fusion and I would punish claire,and punish her I did. Behold!something from the depths of nightmares,truck driver claire! (yes there are bugs,probably more that I don't know of,the one I know of is that the arms clip right through the belly when she is aiming a weapon)
here is the screen. either avert your eyes,or if you've already looked,clean thine eyes with hand sanitizer,for this is surely a plague upon mankind (for the lulz)(V2 is out now.turns out there was a typo in the naming conventions which was preventing the tanktop version from kicking in,well I got that fixed so we can all enjoy this hideous nightmare fuel to its fullest):