Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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Makes Claire look like she is in alot of pain,ALL the time. inspired by the fine work of alphaZomega in "claire caution face when fine"

version 3 fixes some of the color issues,and adds better injury

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"A little monkey see,a little monkey do,
 I have a little surprise for you,
Once dark,and twice blue,
Only the sweetest things will shine through,
When the world wears so heavy,
Life becomes so bleak and weary,
Suffering becomes like a sweet cherry,
Smiles become so bland,
Laughter blows away with the Sand,
Then it shall be my command,
To bring joy back to this land,
That those without pain,
Be brought back to the great game,
there doubts split twain,
Many shall perish,
So that we may all cherish,
The Sweet, Sweet suffering,
Of our dear Claire,
There will be a Sundering"

Yes  indeed, as my mini poem indicates, this mod does one thing

it makes claire suffer, constantly.

I've always found it a bit cockamamy that beautiful women should be in a videogame world of horrific suffering and violence, yet be mostly unscathed and have a genuinely psychotic "everything is peachy" mood. In a bygone era, this could be explained away as technological or space limitations, but no longer. this is a world of magick-like science and equality for all. 

rant aside, my initial search led me to the fantastic mod "claire caution face when fine" by alphaZomega, and that combined with my gripe and my love of hellraiser movies inspired me to up the ante a bit. i went and discovered how to mod RE2 remake, and made this for us all to enjoy.

V3 is live now. as per a fan's request, I switched it back to the default eye colour. had to rebuild the mod from scratch to pull it off. but I aim to please. also, future versions will likely offer more than one eye colour. I've also managed to make the injury a bit more severe and eliminate some of the colour bugs

you will need to switch to the dirty, hence tanktop version of her costume to get the blood, dirt n' grime effect. I specifically set it that way for realism purposes/enjoyment as she doesn't get badly injured until a couple of minutes into the game, so that's where the clean outfit comes in, and yes the switching to the blood and grime right as she hits the car was skilful editing. I recorded that sequence twice, once with the blood and grime, once without. the frame where it switches over is right after she hits the car and her body rotates about 90 degrees, like literally the frame before she hits the ground.

As is standard, use fluffy mod manager, same procedure as any other RE2 Remake mod

Currently known bugs:

1. at times the blood will become super shiny, not sure why, I suspect it has something to do with the normal mapping

2. Bug number 2 has been fixed by switching everything back to the default eye colour

3. I overdid it a bit on the injury by accident. the v3 injuries are a combination of v2 and v3 overlapping, I do intend to fix that in future versions