Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Lara Croft in her classic outfit replacing Claire (2 options)

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Lara Croft visits Raccoon City.

This mod aims to bring an HD classic outfit to RE2 (TR1 version), with a small bonus recolour for the JMB Hp3 a.k.a. the Browning HP, FMV Lara's classic pistols. In this mod you'll have 2 options to chose from:

  1. Replaces the Classic Tanktop outfit but has a little bug when wet and you'll still have the knife floating on Lara's backside
  2. Replaces the Elza Walker outfit and is compatible with other Claire mods, but she won't get wet.

Known Bugs: *

  • For some reason, the cutscene when Claire and Leon meet at the gas station won't play but it seems to be the only one, haven't experienced it with any other cutscene from what I tested.
  • The wet shine on the model can look weird if you zoom in too close, but it's not too noticeable.
  • Sometimes when changing between outfits the game can keep hanging so I recommend choosing your selected outfit before installing the mod, and then firing up the game.
  • Game might stutter a bit when attacking zombies ? Dunno, seems pretty inconsistent. If anyone experiences this please let me know

* I might try to fix these sometime, but I won't make any promises, some can't be fixed and others involve using 3DS Max, which I hardly know anything of. If anyone who knows Max would like to give me a hand I'll be so very thankful and I'll happily update the mod.


for Lara's head that I used as base
EvilLord for all the help and support, I couldn't have made this without him <3
AlphaZomega for all the help and tools as well