Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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This mod removes all non-boss enemies from the game.
Alternative version doesn't remove zombies.

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Updated files to work with latest game patch [April 24th]

This is a very simple mod that removes all non-boss enemies from the game:
Zombie Dogs
G-Type Adults

Poisonous Zombies (Ghost Survivors)
Pale Heads (Ghost Survivors)
The mod doesn't remove Mr. X or Birkin

You can progress through the entire game with this installed.
This won't break any scripted events.
Achievements & Ranks are also achievable while using this mod.

A mysterious new enemy however, lurks the halls of the R.P.D, slithers beneath the sewage, and hides behind the vines infesting N.E.S.T.
You cannot see this enemy, and you cannot fight it, but it is always there, a sinister presence watching your every move.

There are three ways to install this mod

Rapture Edition
Removes all previously mentioned enemies

V-ACT Edition
Removes all previously mentioned enemies except zombies

You can now choose which specific enemy you'd like removed from the optional files section.