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This mod replaces Claire's Military costume with Captain Marvel's...

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Captain Marvel

She's been in the comics for quite a while. She's had several name and costume changes, and she has even spent an amount of time in coma after her powers were drained by the mutant known as Rouge.

The character model itself came from the game Marvel Future Fight, as such I take no credit for the quality of the model. What I did was re-rig this character for it to work with Resident Evil 2's standard skeleton. I also put work into properly integrating his textures to work with the game's shaders.


To install:

1) your game MUST have the Claire Military Costume DLC.

2) you will need to download Fluffyquack's mod manager (The tool is updated regularly)

3) simply place my mod rar file into the Modmanager's Games\RE2R\Mods folder

4) using the mod manager, before running the game, go to manage mods and install Captain Marvel.

Note: Mod installation and uninstallation can only be done while the game is off.



MOD Limitations / Issues:

- this mod replaces Claire's Military Costume, therefore please uninstall other mods that need to work with the Millitary costume before installing this mod.

- this mod was not intended to work with other mods that specifically target Claire's face and head. So having other mods installed might cause some strange effects.

- some minor shining issues are present, but they are small and don't necessarily take away from the experience. It is something i may clean up in the future.

No Helmet Variant:

- due to requests, I created a variant mod which removes the Captain Marvel Helmet. Please DO NOT install both at the same time, as it may create conflicts between the mod files. Uninstall one if you would like to use the other.

- I am pressed for time, so I did not bother to fix the model display in the costume selection screen and the Bonus Model display screen.

Extra stuff:

- Using the Trainer in the mod manager's menu will allow you to swap characters from any mode openly. If you want to use Captain Marvel in any of the extra modes, simply swap out the character you want to replace via the trainer's functions with Claire (after installing the Captain Marvel mod of course)




My Youtube Channel:



Fluffy Quack:

His mod manager tool makes it very easy for modder to make and use mods.


Creator of the scripts for 3DS max that allowed the import and export of external 3D models

Forum Admins and Members:

JTeghius Kittius
Zealot Tormunds

For posting valuable information (and being friendly and responsive online) that was integral to the creation of this mod.