Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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replace new claire's face with a face inspired in her dsc/dg
it also include her dsc outfit

Permissions and credits
her default face also works with the outfit and hair (this means that any facial mod that share her same neck is going to work)
-the behavior of her hair it's really weird (it was that or make the hair static  )
-sometimes she looks weird during cutscenes, but even default claire looks weird xd
-the lights also affect on her face
-her knife it's floating, i have no idea how to move or at least remove it  
-some clipping during cutscenes
-the texture of her gloves looks really weird
-if you use the classic hair the noir hair is going to look bugged (cuz noir hair and her default hair share the same texture)
-she doesn't have alyson court's voice

special thanks to:
theflyingmuffin for becca's hair, even if i didn't use it i really appreciate it and i hope to make something good with it in the future
iiicroftiii  rubyofblue   C_Squared20   shinn  linz  kysanphire dddvg4 for all the suggestions and the support, thank you guys <3
rain395 for testing one of the early version and a lot of support aswell <3
and SilverEzredes for letting me know that it was possible make textures in a super high quality