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This mod offers several customization options to Claire. Freckles, red hair, brown leather jacket and green eyes. Available in 2K or 4K textures.

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This mod changes our beloved Claire in a variety of ways. You can get the (Complete) pack or pick and choose what you want.

- Freckles on her face and chest (because freckles are the peak of aesthetics).
- Warm-red hair (with correct shine color).
- Green eyes.
- Brown leather jacket (supports dirt build-up and shows on costume-select screen*).
- Minor touch-ups on her skin (included with freckles).

* costume-select screen is only packaged in the complete pack due to her having the complete pack look on that picture.

Different packages are available for whichever part of the mod you want. Mix-n-match to your heart's content. I recommend the complete pack if you like the look. It is compatible with other mods, just don't install it with another mod that changes the same textures.

Also, it's for use with the Fluffy mod manager.

How to install

1) Put the chosen file(s) into your ...\[Mod Manager folder]\Games\RE2R\Mods

2) If you downloaded the complete pack, remember to select one of the 3 UI options depending on if you plan to use F00X Leon with this or not.

3) Start up the mod manager and install it.

4) Profit.

Final update info

I'm happy to announce that with the latest update (2.3), this mod is officially considered completed. This means that more than likely no new content will be added. The latest update added UI support for using this mod in conjunction with F00X Leon.

Use the newly added "UI" folder within either of the Complete packs to select the version you want and install it like you would a normal mod.

A more detailed description and periodic status updates can be found in the original release forum at: