Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Reshapes Claire's face and ponytail into a more classic-inspired look.

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I was not a really big fan of Claire's redesign. I didn't like her face at all. She's cute in her own way but not exactly like the Claire I loved and grew up with throughout the years. Claire in the older games had this quintessential 90s girl next door type look to her which I felt was sadly missing from the original. Instead she had this baby-faced Instagram model look lol

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. It's all slight changes but I think they're all great improvements.

I carefully re-shaped her face while still keeping her aesthetic. I re-shaped her lips, sucked the fat out of those baby-cheeks, redefined her jawline, and performed on her slight rhinoplasty.

I used Claire's faces from CODE Veronica and Darkside Chronicles as references when it came to redefining Claire Redfield's face. It's not 100% perfect but I am happy with what I achieved. I went through over 30 trials to settle with a face I am comfortable with. I also used classic 90s girl next door icons such as Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, and Liv Tyler as inspirations when it came to doing my own redesign of Claire. Thumbs up if you get why I used Neve and Liv as inspiration ;)

I also took the liberty of "fixing" her ponytail. Sadly, I was unable to make the bangs come true, other modders may do better than I in that department. But I did shorten her ponytail and "cleared" out the loose strands that were somewhat annoying as well as made the top of her hair a little puffier. This is why I call this Classic Inspired rather than an actual Classic based look :D

Thanks to the RE Modding Community for all their help!

Special thanks to:
and all the other people of Twitter who've given me suggestions on how to fix Claire's face.

P.S. forgot to take as many screenshots of the modded hair (didn't have time) so don't mind the screenshots with just the default hair. Will upload more pics of the modded hair soon :)

UPDATE: It's come to my attention some users were unable to properly install the mod using Fluffy. My mistake, sorry. I don't tend to use .rar files when it comes to using mods (I organize all my mods so I always unpack my files into a new folder). So I put the mod folder INSIDE the rar file instead of making the rar file the direct go-to for the mod, if that makes sense lol

I updated it so you do not have to unpack the rar file, I hope it works for everyone now!