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Weapons sounds modifications with original 1998 sounds. Included Self Destruct sequence original 1998 voice.

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Use FluffyQuack's Fluffy Manager 5000.
Put .rar files to "...\modmanager\Games\RE2R\Mods" folder.
Open Modmanager and install from "Resident Evil 2 Remake" mods list.

         1998 WEAPONS SOUNDS (beta)
  "RE2 Remake - 1998 Weapons Sounds (#1 Leon) <version>.rar"
     (Knifes, Pistols. Leon's Shotgun, Magnum, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher.)

  "RE2 Remake - 1998 Weapons Sounds (#2 Claire) <version>.rar"
     (Claire's Submachine gun, Grenade Launcher, Sparkshot, Gatling Gun.)

      1998 SELF DESTRUCT sequence voice line
  "RE2 Remake - 1998 Self Destruct voice line (+Ada wait) <version>.rar"
     (1998 "Self Destruct" sequence voice line')
     "Hey, Ada Wait !" voice line at Parking garage (with subtitles).

  "RE2 Remake - 1998 Self Destruct voice line <version>.rar"
    (1998 "Self Destruct" sequence voice line') - only.

                                                 1998 STUFF:                                               

1998 Models Project: Modding Forum,Nexus Mods.
1998 Zombie Sounds: Modding Forum,Nexus Mods.
   (1998 sound effects for zombies, lickers,..)

Classic Inventory: Modding Forum, Nexus Mods.
Classic Title and Title Voice: Modding Forum.

Red Herb fix: Modding Forum.
Police Cars R.P.D. Logo: Modding Forum.
Classic Flamethrower: Modding Forum.
Tony's Arms Ammo (retexture): Modding Forum.

"Nothing More To Do Here" STARS Office Theme: Modding Forum.
 (original OST mod)
1998 Ada Music Theme (Cable Car Scene): Modding Forum
  (cutscene audio mod)

                 Search more at forum: RE2 (2019) Mods Releases.

1998 weapons sounds to emulate more nostalgia...
Just not everything is possible to change how i intended (especially with upgraded guns).
This game have many sound variations, plus "I can't control what it does (RE engine)". Any shot sound is controlled by game (what sound effect/speed/pitch applied).

Eg. Matilda, you can change shot sfx's - but in-game that sound is controlled by engine/map points (changing that sound speed/pitch +which echo sounds to trigger).
If is not enough headache - some other weapons using same sounds (just drastically/slightly changing how is sounds)..
Modding result is same or similar to 1998 sounds. Check "1998 WEAPONS SOUNDS MOD [INFO]"

What more could i do - mess more with weapon shot/echo sounds,search more sounds (eg. many bullet cases sounds) and replace/change sounding. Messing with sounds could effect other weapons. With echos i'm not wanna mess, this kind of game should have how it made.

Beta release - any clicks missing, sound effect strange or anything (eg. you don't like specific sound, sound too loud/silent), post here. More ears is better.
I feel nostalgia while doing this, hope you feel it too..

so far no luck with JBM/M19 pistols shooting sounds

Working now:
On all pistols. Hunk's MP5 better version. Checking Shotgun.


  Knife (swing, hit material, hit enemy).

 Pistols (Leon)

  Matilda (shot, shot upgraded, reload, clip drop).
   M19 pistol - (shot, uses Matilda's reload sfx's).
      (M19 pistol shot sfx's (many audio settings applied) also used by JBM pistol (drastically changed how it sounds by game engine),
 Pistols (Claire):

Colt Revolver (shot, reload).

  SLS pistol - (uses sfx's files from Revolver).
  JMB pistol - (uses M19 shot sfx, uses Matilda reload sfx's).
      (JBM uses M19 pistol shot sfx's, but changing how it sounds by engine, also additional changes by map echo points).
Other Pistols:
  Any unlocked/DLC Pistol (Samurai Edge's) uses same sfx's from Matilda (but changes sound pitch/speed by game engine).
  Hunk's pistol - uses all Matilda's sfx's, volumes controlled by game engine.

 (shot, reload). Sadly upgraded Shotgun uses same shot sfx sounds (just changing how it sounds by game engine).


(shot, reload, clip drop). Upgraded Magnum uses same shot sfx sounds (just changing how it sounds by game engine).


 (shot, shot silenced, reload, clip drop). 1998 shot sound for not silenced.
For silenced is nice combination (2019 silenced with 1998 shot) edited sound.

Other Submachine Gun:
  Hunk's MP5 - (shot, reload, clip drop) - custom re-worked sfx's for now.
  Unlocked infinite MP5 - uses sfx's combination from Claire's Mac10/Hunk's MP5.

 Grenade Launcher:

 (shot, hit acid, hit flame, reload).


(shot, reload, clip drop).


 (shot, shot loop).

 Gatling Gun:

 (spin start, shot, shot loop, spin stop).

Other Minigun:
  Unlocked infinite Minigun uses same sfx's (but changes sound pitch/speed by game engine).

 Rocket Launcher:

 (shot, hit).

Other Rocket Launcher:
 Unlocked infinite Rocket Launcher uses same RPG sfx's (but changes sound pitch/speed by game engine).