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Lets you use Ada's head on any normal Claire body.

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This mod pack lets you use Ada's head on any normal Claire body. Install the base mod to set up the assets, then install one of the costume slot mods to activate Ada's head on that slot.

Includes a specific variant designed to blend at the neck with Claire bodies created by Arison_C:

Also comes with a mod generator called CreateAdaMod.BAT that allows you to create your own mods to let the real Ada use your chosen Claire costume during Leon's campaign:

And there is a supplementary mod included to activate better facial animations during zombie bites, Ada movement's / weapon animations, better cutscenes while Ada's head is on Claire, and Ada's camera distance:

The face textures have some dirt cleaned off her face and are lightened to match Claire's skin tone.
Her hair is set to default, so it can be swapped out using any normal Ada hair mod.

Video Tutorial

Many thanks to U4G for making this comprehensive video tutorial on installing and using the mod!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my game loading infinitely?
A: You did not install the whole mod, and the game is looking for costume or head files that do not exist. You need to have the base Ada Head Swap Mod installed for *any* of the other Ada Head Swap mods to work, including for ones generated with the Ada Mod Maker.

Q: But I did install the whole mod and my game is still loading infinitely.
A: Then you likely have an older version of the game that is incompatible with the Ada Wong camera mod inside the "Cutsecenes and Zombie Anims" mod. Extract the animations mod RAR file for use as a folder-mod and delete this file:
Ada Head Swap Mod - Cutscene and Zombie Anims\natives\x64\objectroot\prefab\character\player\pl1000.pfb.16 

Q: How come the costumes aren't changing like in the screenshots?
A: Those body costume mods are not included with Ada Head Swap mod. The preview screenshots are just examples of what you can do with the mod on those slots if you use them with those pictured costumes for Claire.

Q: Why is there a visible seam on the neck?
A: You are either using a body which has different skin textures than default Claire or Arison_C claire, or you installed the wrong version of the costume slot mod for the Claire mod that you are using. The "All Slots" mod has all Claire slots use the version of the Ada Head Swap head that is blended to default Claire, and will have a visible neck seam for any Arison_C Claire bodies.

Q: How do I use the Ada Mod Maker?
A: There is an image-tutorial demonstrating how to use it in a folder called "Tutorial" within the Ada Mod Maker directory. You drag and drop the "body_costume" pfb file from inside your chosen Claire mod onto the CreateAdaMod.bat file and answer the questions asked. Then copy the generated folder-mod over to your FluffyModManager RE2 mods folder and install it along with the base Ada Head Swap mod and the Claire costume mod it directs to.
If your Claire mod does not use any pfb.16 files, then run Ada Mod Maker by itself and generate an Ada mod for the costume slot which your mod occupies.

Q: Why is my Ada Mod Maker mod making the game not load?
A: For your generated Ada Mod Maker mod to work, you need to install three things with FluffyModManager: the base Ada Head Swap Mod, the Claire costume mod which you are having Ada use, and the Ada Mod Maker mod itself that you generated. Installing the Ada Mod Maker mod without either the body or head mods that it directs to will cause the game to load infinitely, or will show Ada as having an invisible head, body, or both. The animations mod is not necessary for use with the real Ada. You can install another Claire mod over the Claire mod that your Ada Mod Maker mod is using, as long as its files are still present in the game to be loaded

Q: Why is Ada Mod Maker not generating my mod?
A: Possibly because it is trying to create files that have names over 256 characters in length. Try moving the Ada Mod Maker folder up to a directory that does not have such a long path, such as to the Desktop. And make sure you are using at least v1.2 of Ada Mod Maker.

Q: Why is my Ada Mod Maker mod not installing?
A: If FluffyModManager is having "CopyFile Failed" errors when installing the Ada Mod Maker mod, uninstall all mods and reread game archives before attempting to install again.