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This mod will replace the Claire (Military) DLC skin with my custom Jill Valentine model.

Permissions and credits
This was a passion project of mine that I decided to turn into a playable mod for
RE2. Jill Valentine is one of the most badass video game hero's of all
time and now you can play as her in Resident Evil 2 Remake! The model, and
textures were all created by me using Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and 3DS
Max (for weight painting/skinning corrections). 

To be clear I do not own the rights to this character or have any professional affiliation with Capcom or the Resident Evil franchise (I would like to be though haha!). This project was done because I love Resident Evil, the games (especially RE4 and the Gamecube remaster of RE1) shaped my childhood in a huge way and I really wanted to give back to the RE and survival horror community. Assets created by me are Jill's body, clothing, face, radio, and holster. - EDIT 1-5-20 - I need to clarify this since some game news websites are getting this wrong. I mentioned before that I modeled Jill's Samurai Edge Pistol, but that was for my art portfolio and not this mod. This mod does not include a custom Samurai Edge. Her rig, animations, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and mouth are from the base game's Claire model and were not made by me. All other props, weapons, and environmental assets shown in the upcoming screenshots are also from the base game and were created by Capcom and their art teams.

Known bugs and compatibility issues include:
-Minor clipping/stretching of the mesh around her armpits,fingers, and shoulderpads
-Some spotty normal map issues on her clothing and shoulderpads (not sure what's causing this as the model did not have these problems in UE4 and Marmoset tests)
- Facial animations aren't perfect (I tried my best!)
-incompatible with other Claire outfits and mods

Requires FluffyQuack's Mod Manager
Copy the .rar file into the "ModManager\Games\RE2R\Mods" folder, start the Mod Manager launcher, turn the mod on and you're good to go!

If you encounter any problems, just uninstall the mod, re-read the game archives in Mod Manager, re-install the mod and try again.

If you want to share videos or links to this mod, first thank you so much for spreading the word! And also I ask that you please credit me by linking back to this mod page, or to my twitter at or to my artstation portfolio -