Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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Before we start you must own RE2 legit for the mod manager to work.

Frist Get the Mod Manager @
Extract the rar anywhere, I placed inside a folder called Fluffy.
That folder can be anywhere you wish I placed it in the root directory of RE2

Now on to the fun part head here
in my case it's

Open the rar "Dino Crisis Mod Pack" and extract the folders there

Now once you have the rar inside the mods folder start the mod manager as administator (Don't worry it's needed to rewrite RE2's main file for modding)
once started you should see the main menu if not theres a button in the top right labed "Menu" click it if you don't see the main menu.

Locate the option "Game" and click it, "Select Resident Evil 2 Remake", "Manage Mods", "Full Mod List"
Almost there!
Click "Re-read game archives" after that's done my mod should be listed in said menu
Click on it and the manger should be installing it after that....

Launch the game and Enjoy!

(If nothing works remove all dlc mods from the past and restore the orginals)


For "Glock and Shotgun for Regina" You must start on a new playthrough you can't load a game when it's saved in the rpd or you'll get stuck at 10%.
The reason is the game saved the orginal items there and is confused with the new item placement (At least that's the reason I'm coming up with)
I've added more ammo for the shotgun as well it's parts through out the game. Please report a bug if something new pops up thanks - CP