Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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Replaces Leon's weapons with Claire's weapons.

Permissions and credits

Leon Arsenal
This mod lets Leon enjoy the fire power that Leon has been taking for granted.

  • Matilda (unchanged starter weapon)
  • Quickdraw (2nd run handgun in place of M19)
  • GM-79 Grenade Launcher (in place of W-870 Shotgun)
  • MQ-11 smg (in place of Lightning Hawk)
  • Spark Shot (in place of Chemical Flamethrower)
  • Upgraded W-870 Shotgun (in N.E.S.T. Lab)
  • All weapon upgrades attainable through progress.
  • All ammo changed accordingly (mirroring Leon's run)
  • White gunpowder (in place of Yellow gunpowder)

Note: Starting a new game is essential for this mod to work correctly.
Warning: This is not compatible with most other mods that edit items (see compatibility section)

Optional Editions
Leon Arsenal (2nd Run 9mm)

This is compatible with my other mod 2nd Run Handgun Ammo
Make sure to use:
2nd Run Handgun Ammo -compatibility-
This will also change Leon's M19 into Hunk's MUP

Claire Arsenal (9mm & Spare Keys)
This is compatible with combination of 2nd Run Handgun Ammo & Easier Spare Keys
make sure to use:
2nd run 9mm -and- Easier Spare Keys -compatible-
Which is found on the 2nd Run Handgun Ammo mod page

Leon Arsenal (Magnum Heaven)

This is compatible with my other mod Magnum Heaven
This will replace Leon's M19 with a fully upgraded SLS

To install this mod you will need to have Fluffy's Mod Manager found
here: Fluffy Manager 5000 and here: Modding PAK files
  1. Download preferable version (choose only one)
  2. Copy downloaded pack to mod manager folder inside [modmanager]\Games\RE2R\Mods
  3. Run Mod Manager, go to manage mods, then click on the mod
  4. Important Notes & troubleshooting:
  • Fluffy's Mod Manager can install directly from the .rar file, and this mod is compatible with that. You do not need to unpack it. If you decide to unpack it you need to know what you're doing.
  • If you are using an outdated version of the mod manager the mod will not install correctly.
  • Game updates can break installed mods so if you face problems uninstall all mods, and make sure there is no natives file inside your game directory. Next, run mod manager and click re-read game archives.

This mod is incompatible with:
GM-79 for Leon
MQ-11 for Leon

Further Notes
  • This mod is still in beta so it is possible I might've missed anything, so feedback of any kind is always welcomed.
  • These type of mods are done through hex editing which is a very exhausting and confusing process -at least for me- & there is no mod support for resident evil which means there are no official tools or guides. So please understand it's not possible for me to take all ideas\request into account, do not be offended if it seems like I've ignored a suggestion, it's highly likely I don't know how to do it.

Known Bugs
Due to a game-breaking bug, ammo inside locker-szf isn't swapped (for now)

archerpz - like seriously! I wouldn't know how to make this mod otherwise.