Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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Complete mesh and texture rework for claire's face

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This is my complete mesh and texture rework of Claire's face.

My Original Creation


After a few tips from other authors I finaly did my first successful mesh work in resident evil. I was able slightly change her face to look closer to the real Claire in the given wallpapers(this is personal opinion of course).

What was changed:

Meshing on the face(slightly moved the nose closer to the lips, thinned the lips slightly and adjusted the mouth depth to work properly in cut scenes and gameplay as much as possible).
Slightly thinned the nose.

Personal prefference retexture of the face, eyes and complexion(eyes were created by me in photoshop, may not be to some peoples liking but I think it makes her a knockout).
Removed all moles and blemishes from her face and neck(personal prefference again since I think it gives her a cleaner and better looking skin).

Why do this:
Personal prefference I chose to share and to prove to myself I could actually do the mesh work myself and adjust her to my liking.

This works highly well with my "Sweet Dreams" mods.

Do not use this with these mods since they alter the same files:
Beautiful Reality Face Claire
Claire-ish Face Mod

Many thanks to arison_c for the links to tutorial on how to properly do this.