Resident Evil 2 (2019)
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Replaces all high-caliber handgun ammo in the 2nd run with both types of magnum ammo.

Permissions and credits
This mod will replace all high-caliber handgun ammo found on the 2nd run with both types of magnum ammo, for Leon's Lightning Hawk & Claire's SLS.

For best results it is recommended to use this mod in tandem with these mods:
Lightning Hawk for Claire
So you Claire can use the Lightning Hawk
Different 2nd Run Starter Handgun
You can choose for Leon & Claire to start the 2nd run with a fully upgrade SLS
You can now also choose for Leon & Claire to start with a fully upgraded Lightning Hawk
Claire Arsenal
It has an edition made with this mod in mind
Claire will get both her fully upgraded SLS & Lightning Hawk at the start of the 2nd run.

Notes: This was made for anyone who wants to just have a bit of over-powered fun in the game. It is practically a cheat mod and was not made with balance in mind.

Installation: To install this mod you will need to have Fluffy's Mod Manager found
here: Fluffy Manager 5000 and here: Modding PAK files
With detailed instructions for how to install the mod properly, and troubleshooting steps if needed.