Resident Evil 2 (2019)

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This mod offers several customization options to Leon. A new casual outfit and uniform plus a wild beard. Optional alternative beards.

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This mod changes Leon in a couple of different ways. You can get the (Complete) pack or pick and choose what you want.

- A wild beard (gets dirty over time and has true depth with normal maps).
- A new casual outfit. A dark brown jacket with a cozy red shirt. The shirt's his favorite.
- A new uniform. He wears his vest and gear on top of his favorite shirt. Serve and protect with style (supports dirt build-up).
- Facial adjustments and touch-ups (comes with the beard).
- All this reflected in costume-select*.
- Alternative beards have been added as of V2.2. You can download those in the "miscellaneous" section.

*Only in the complete pack.

Different packages are again available for whichever part of the mod you want.

It's for use with the fluffy mod manager. It is also again compatible with any other mod except ones that modify the same textures. FYI, the face textures include the eye textures in Leon's case. So this won't be compatible with any eye mod for Leon.

How to install

1) Put the chosen file(s) into your ...\[Mod Manager folder]\Games\RE2R\Mods

2) If you downloaded the complete pack, remember to select one of the 3 UI options depending on if you plan to use F00X Claire with this or not.

3) Start up the mod manager and install it.

4) Profit.

Final update info

I'm happy to announce that with the latest update (2.3), this mod is officially considered completed. This means that more than likely no new content will be added. The latest update added UI support for using this mod in conjunction with F00X Claire.

Use the newly added "UI" folder within either of the Complete packs to select the version you want and install it like you would a normal mod.

A more detailed description and periodic status updates can be found in the original release forum at: