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Stabilizes the root bone in all walking animations for proper FPS-style movement. This mod allows you to walk, run, and strafe at a constant speed without any headbob or subtle swaying to the left and right. Supports all characters in both third and first person. Highly recommended for VR!

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Last updated: August 22nd, 2023

This mod "smoothens" all RE2 walking animations to make the movement feel less like a third person shooter and more like a traditional FPS for people who are using Praydog's First Person / VR mods.  You can now walk, run, and strafe at a constant speed without any headbob or subtle swaying to the left and right when moving around.  All playable characters are supported for both first and third person.  

Claire, Sherry, Hunk, Tofu, Robert, Ghost, and Daniel all use their vanilla animations with a modified "root bone" to stabilize walking.  Leon, Ada, and Katherine use Claire's modified animations.  Feedback welcome, please drop me a message if you run into any issues with this mod so I can continue to improve it!  

NEW Ray Tracing Update
This mod is now obsolete!  Praydog has implemented Smooth Locomotion directly through REFramework.  This new implementation works universally with both the non-RT and RT engines!  


v1.5: Stabilized movement for Sherry and the Ghost Survivors when coming to a complete stop after running.

v1.4: Fixed bug which caused the game to sometimes freeze before cutscenes during Claire B.

v1.3: Stabilized movement for Leon and Claire when coming to a complete stop after running.  With the vanilla game, there was always a subtle "wobble" when coming to a stop after running.  Now when you stop running, Leon and Claire will come to an immediate and abrupt stop.

v1.2: Fixed bug which caused floating objects during cutscenes.

v1.1: Fixed bug which caused the game to frequently crash to the desktop during Leon's campaign once you reach the underground sewers and laboratory areas.  This glitch was fixed by simply swapping Leon's animations with Claire's custom animations.  This should allow you to play through Leon's entire campaign and does not appear to cause any problems in either first or third person. 

Known issues
  • The transition between walking and running animations is a bit abrupt. (Mostly noticeable in third person.)

1. Install Fluffy Manager 5000.
2. Download this mod.
3. Launch Fluffy Manager and drag and drop the .rar file into the application (or place the .rar file in Fluffy's \Games\RE2R\Mods\ folder).
4. Refresh the mod list.
5. Activate this mod and select "Launch Game".  (Once the mod pack has been successfully installed via Fluffy, you can continue to launch RE2 directly from Steam.)

I have also included a standalone version of the mod under Optional Files which does not require Fluffy Manager.  To use this version: 
1.  Download the .rar file and extract the included .pak file to your RE2 installation folder.
2.  Rename the file by changing 0XX to a number which is one digit greater than the *.patch_0##.pak files in your folder.  (You would typically rename this to 're_chunk_000.pak.patch_009.pak' but if you are using any of my other standalone RE2 mods, you might need to use 010 or 011.)

Special thanks to alphaZomega for providing me with lots of information that was essential for making this mod.


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