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This is a new trainer by Dante and Raz0r for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. Versions 1.0.6 and 1.1.0 of the game are supported.

Permissions and credits

This software is provided "as is" and any expressed or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. The author of the software cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, data or other intangible losses, instability.

The game that is supported: Steam Store Page

My Patreon if you'd like to support my workhttps://www.patreon.com/_Raz0r

Player Tab

 - Outfit/Charswap: Enables access to opposite sex outfits for Rebecca and Billy in the ingame outfits menu (suitcase item), including hacks to enable swapping either char to Wesker (Enable Male Wesker Costume and select the unnamed costume at the bottom of the suitcase list afterwards) and unlocking Rebecca´s Team Wesker outfit (will be called T-Shirt and is at the bottom of the suitcase menu) without completing Wesker Mode (Enable Female Wesker Costume).  Swapping Rebecca to Wesker can crash the game, especially if she wasn´t swapped to Billy before. If you want Wesker´s voice and sound effects, you need to enable "Load Wesker´s Voice" before you load a savefile/start a new game. 
 - Invincibility: Makes your character invincible
 - HP: Set and freeze health points.
 - Size/Speed: Change your char’s size or speed. 
 - Wallhack: Disable collision per player
 - Load Male Voice Type: Force the game to load Billy´s or Wesker´s voice for the male player regardless of the gamemode.
 - Instant costume swap: The outfit of player 1 is instantly swapped to the currently selected outfit of Billy or Rebecca when closing the inventory menu, depending on which outfit menu is enabled for the character of player 1. Enables swapping outfits to the current opposite sex outfit and back without having to open the ingame suitcase menu, but can cause instability with certain outfit combinations, especially those including Wesker. Also enables directly swapping to the same outfit as the partner without having to swap to another outfit first.  
 - Enable Costumes in Wesker Mode: Enables costume swap via the suitcase menu in Wesker mode, Wesker´s eyeglow is permanent and cannot be removed via a costume swap. 
 - Prevent/Enable Eyeglow effect: Billy will get this effect by default when aiming as Wesker, while Rebecca won´t. This hack can be used to change the appearance 
   of this effect when switching to Wesker. The eyeglow effect is permanent once enabled and cannot be undone by a costume swap. Reloading the savegame is 
   necessary to remove this effect once it´s enabled for either player. 
 - Wesker Mode Dis/-Enabled: Enables to force the game to save inside our outside of Wesker Mode, might crash the game/corrupt the savefile. 
 - Walk through walls (everyone): Removes collision for all players and enemies. 
 - Freeze Camera: Freezes the camera so it doesn´t switch to the next camera when the player moves. Opening the inventory, leaving the current stage or switching characters is not possible while this hack is enabled.
 - Skip Doors: Skips doors, ladders, elevators etc., two versions available (select via single- or doubleclick of the checkbox).
 - Skip Background Loading: Prevents the game from pausing during background transitions, speeds up gameplay at the cost of flickering during background changes.
 - Disable Steam ID Check for Savefiles: Enables using savefiles from other steam users, has to be enabled whenever such a savefile is used, even after overwriting a save. 
 - Enable Hotkeys: Enables hotkeys for several settings. Hotkeys can be mapped in the Inventory | Enemy tab.
 - Load Controls Upon Launch: Loads the previously saved player controls upon launching the trainer.
 - Performance Fix: Increases FPS/reduces CPU/GPU usage at the cost of visual fidelity, especially useful when playing on older PCs.
 - Player Controls: Adjust player controls here, enables Player 2 to be controlled like Player 1 (except for actions (picking up items, opening doors etc.), 
   switching character, solo/team switch, opening the menu or the map and Wesker´s dash) by setting Player 2 control type to Player 1 and adjusting the key 
   bindings below Player 2 Control Type 1, making it possible to have a more complete coop experience, e.g. via streaming software like Parsec, 
   Moonlight or Geforce Gamestream Coop. Shooting, aiming, reloading, running etc. is possible for both players in local coop now!

Inventory | Enemy | Stage Tab

 - Inventory: Enables swapping items and changing item count. Freeze, change the item slots, then unfreeze all and open the inventory to apply the changes. Leaving the item slots frozen (especially when opening the inventory) can crash the game, as well as cheating an item that needs two slots without having a free second slot available.
 - Infinite ammo for all weapons: Infinite ammo for all weapons and unlimited number of items that have an item count.
 - Rapid Fire: Enables rapidfire per player.
 - Ignore Item Requirements:Unlock doors without having the right key, save without ink ribbons etc.
 - Enemy Trainer: Change speed, size and aggression level ("Mad Enemies") for all enemies, enable one-hit-kill and heal all enemies.
 - Changing enemy size can make some enemies invisible, changing speed can make some stuck.
 - Save/Load Loadouts: Save and load inventory loadouts. “Freeze” checkboxes must be checked in order to save loadouts. ONLY frozen slots will be saved.
 - Swap Stage: Check "Swap Stage", select a stage and press restart midgame or exit the current stage to swap to the selected stage.