Remnant: From the Ashes
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Removes the necklace from the female hunter armor.

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This is a simple texture mod to remove the necklace from the female version of the Hunter Armor, my reason for making this mod was because the mesh for the necklace clips quite badly into the collarbone on female characters and looks very distracting in cutscenes.

I made this for myself, but i'm sharing it in case anyone else wants to use it. Currently the alternate texture from the pre-order bonus is not supported because I don't use it, but if there is signifigant demand for it I will add it.

To use this, you will need Resorep. Follow the instructions to install the program (it's very straight-forward) and then drop the textures from this mod into whatever directory you define for your modded textures. Please note, that Resorep and ReShade apparently cannot be used at the same time.

This mod is compatible with Ixxa's "No Backpack" mod, because they replace different textures.