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Simple mod that removes the backpack from your character.

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Note: Using this mod will likely hard-crash your game after killing Earth's world boss and speaking to the keeper. To avoid this, temporarily disable it until activating a teleport on another world, ie. do not have it active in the Labyrinth.

Update Aug 22 2019:
I realized I missed a miplevel texture which is commonly seen when spectating other players while using AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV (and perhaps other FOV settings as well). Fixed now.

This is a simple mod that removes the backpack from your character. Long guns and melee weapons will float on the character's back when not equipped/held, but it doesn't look so bad.

The mod itself is a simple texture replacer which sets the entire alpha channel to transparent.

To use it, download Resorep and drop the files into the modded-folder. Add the game's EXE (Remnant-Win64-Shipping.exe), refer to Resorep's documentation for more info.