Remnant: From the Ashes
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Brings forth a fresh game experience with tweaks, a fair challenge and waves of enemies.

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Easy Version of mod released!
Update 0.2a:

Stamina recharge reduced
Mod may have been broken at release, should be fixed now


My hope is to make the game exciting while still providing a more challenging experience than the original game minus tedious bullet sponges.

Quick Warning:
Apparently, there is no anti-cheat system. Banning is up to the players themselves and if you're playing with friends then I wouldn't imagine they'd ban you. Though, I do believe that ALL players require the mod for it to work or maybe AT LEAST the host.

The player, as well as enemies, move 30-40% faster to minimize clunkiness and increase pacing
Player stamina recharge reduced to emphasize stamina management
Player health now has minor regen
Enemy projectile speed increased (throwing knives and such)

Difficulty Settings:
Lower difficulties were definitely way too easy and higher difficulties ramped up health bars far too high.
With increased enemy spawns and damage, the tension is even higher and gunfights feel satisfying with reduced enemy health bars.

[Normal] - Enemy HP/DMG = 0.5x/2xElites&Bosses HP/DMG - 1x/2xEXP - 0.75x (more enemies means more exp)
[Hard] -        Enemy HP/DMG = 1x/3x         Elites&Bosses HP/DMG - 1.5x/3xEXP - 1x
[Nightmare] - Enemy HP/DMG = 1.5x/4x    Elites&Bosses HP/DMG - 2x/4xEXP - 1.25x
[Apocalypse] - Enemy HP/DMG = 1.5x/5xElites&Bosses HP/DMG - 2x/5xEXP - 1.5x (only DMG/EXP increases, no HP)

Max ammo for many basic guns increased slightly (Shotgun, Revolver, etc not Defiler, etc)
Sniper Rifle reloads twice as fast

Bloodwort heals over 5 seconds instead of 30

Melee traits like Rapid Strike and Warrior (Speed and Damage) have been buffed

Place .pak file inside of Remnant/Content/Paks folder