Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
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Updated version of mod manager for RFG Re-mars-tered. Fixes auto table.vpp_pc renaming, the "run game" button, and included mods. No edits required.

Permissions and credits
Note: If you're using RFG Steam Edition, please use this version of the mod manager: . The version on this page is only compatible with the re-mars-tered edition.

This is an updated version of the rfg mod manager made originally by Hazard_x. It is required by many mods and is very useful as it allows better mod compatibility and easier mod installation. I've updated it to fix a few issues that cropped up with the remaster. Notably, auto table.vpp_pc renaming now works, the run game button now works, and the mods included with this version have already had the folder fix applied to them. The important thing being that this version works for the remaster with no changes required by the user.

Bugs, Questions, etc:
If you'd like for me to include your mod in this, or if there are any problems or questions, the best way to contact me is on the offical red faction discord server: Feel free to ping me on discord if you don't see me online. I'm active on the server daily.

1) Unzip the mod and copy its contents into your RFGR folder. You should now see the mod manager exe, rfg.bat, gibbed.volition.dll, and a mods folder all in the same folder as rfg.exe. See the picture below on what your folder should look like once it's installed. There way some logs in your folder as well if you've run the game, that is fine.
2) Open mod manager and select mods you wish to use, click activate. Once they are activated if there are no errors just click run game and you are ready to go.
3) To disable mods, click the "Restore original files" button.
4) If you download any mod manager mods from other modders just drop their folder into your mods folder and activate them.

Included mods:
All Upgrades Unlocked, by SimpleArrows (Link)
Explosive Pistol Bullets, by Hazard_x
Freeroam Mode, by Hazard_x
God Mode, by Hazard_x
Increased Reconstructor Range, Hazard_x
No Startup Logo, Hazard_x
Player Character Settings, Hazard_x. Updated by SimpleArrows
Safehouse Vehicle Selector, Hazard_x
SP Building Collapse, Hazard_x
Stronger Remote Charges, Hazard_x
Unlimited Ammo, Hazard_x
Wrecking Crew Maps for MP, by NBtX and modified by Hazard_x