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Tired of building crumbling into small pieces? Well no more!
VAXIS Physics mod destroys buildings, breaking first small walls, pieces of first, leaving metal beams standing, until the stress crumbles the building, leaving bigger parts of the building in tact.

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VAXIS Physics Mod Detail:


Breaks first the small pieces off, walls, panels, floors, etc. Leaving pretty much the metal beams and concrete logs in tact.
When the stress becomes to much it will fall down as a big piece, and laying on the ground like a half a building.

If it falls from great height it will crumble most of the building. but otherwise it will pretty much leave big pieces of the building left on the ground.
providing a much more dynamic destruction and more realistic. Instead of having a flat chuck lots of tiny pieces just laying there like a water pool.


Due to the limitations of the engine, some buildings (mostly in oasis and very big buildings) will crumble leaving no big parts.
This is something i cannot fix without direct access to the Engine.

I did however fix MOST of these problems but i cannot do anything to further to ease these problems.

This is my mod, i wish you can ask for permission in case you wish to edit AND/or upload it else where.