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I'm Dhu, i am a Witcher 3 and RDR2 modder. Just a random person.

I am working with my partner on mods. My love.

He is sharing great ideas, helping, and inspiring me for everything, that is why we can bring mods for you, guys.


Messaging is disabled. Can leave a comment on my mods, as long as it is about them. Thank you.


Please leave me alone with the Witcher 3 Next Gen update! I am not interested in it, so do NOT bother me asking, if i ever update my mods with it. The answer is clear, NO.

You are NOT allowed to share our files in your mods, to rework them in any way. To share on Discord or anywhere else. Stay away, thank you.

In case you are still taking them in your own sneaky way, then the best wishes to you.




Ard Got permission to use any of our Roach textures.


Rogue Lass Got permission to use our Cirilla's textures!


Siccx Got permission to use our Dog Appearance Overhaul textures for his game. If he is sharing any picture with the dog textures in Skyrim, then he was allowed to use them!


Your name wasn't mentioned? Well, that only means one thing.