Red Dead Redemption 2
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Bigger Horses.

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This mod increases the size of Arabian horses.
They should now be as tall as American Standardbreds (taller than a Kentucky Saddler, shorter than a Turkoman).

Update 1: Increase size of Morgan horses as well.
Optional file that adds Dutch's Albino Arabian so he looks better on missions.

Update 2: Increase size of Turkoman horses to be as big as a Shire.

Update 3: Added several more breeds.
American Paint, American Standardbred, Appaloosa, Missouri Fox Trotter, Mustang, Nokotas & Tennessee Walkers.

Update 4: Added Unique Horses from Online.
Light Buckskin American Standardbred
Black Snowflake Appaloosa
Grey Arabian
Red Chestnut Arabian (slightly different from one in SP)
Golden Dun Mustang
Online Missouri Fox Trotters
Online Mustangs
Online Turkomans

Either spawn them with a trainer or rename the files to horses you can acquire in SP
(A list of ped names for each breed is included in readme)

Works with either Rampage Trainer or Lenny's Mod Loader

Copy files to either 'RampageFiles\Streaming' or 'lml\stream' folder