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This is simple mod that transfers Player's features over to all gang members of Van Der Linde and gives you best experience when playing as them

Permissions and credits
This mod already includes mods Playable Sadie Adler and Playable Micah Bell so if you have one of them installed, install this mod instead.
GJ's Gaming Center Discord Server you can find optional choise of characters from there if you don't want all of them playable.

Huge thanks to JamesRack for creating Lenny's Mod Manager compatible version

Required Mods
Lenny's Mod Loader
Lenny's Outfit Changer

reported issues
1.Character keeps dying and teleporting up into the sky at the same time 
2.Character's clothes won't change

Solution, delete LennysSimpleTrainer.dll from Lenny's Simple Trainer folder
Posts about these issues will be ignored since i do not experience those therefore these are not caused by my mod!
As a Trainer use Rampage Trainer instead as it's way better and way more advanced than Lenny's Simple Trainer
besides Lenny's Outfit Changer already includes all files that are required to run this mod

Someone in the comments section stated that greeting doesn't work well this video's here to prove him and anyone else that thinks that, wrong

In order to access mod in-game use Rampage Trainer or the saves i've uploaded

Infinite Loadingscreen? > update Lenny's Mod Loader

Female will appear invisible on save load
Male will show broken arthur on load
use outfit changer to load outfits on your chosen character

Dead eye - Eagle eye
Draining cores - weight

Male exclusive
cooking, Reason: Camps use male animations and game won't allow female to use 'em idk how to make them work, not atm at least

Speech will occur when you greet people and bump into people
As Female gang member, you're being recognized as female by everyone except scripted people that can appear anywhere randomly, then you're still recognized as Arthur Morgan or if in Epilogue, John Marston or simply sir, looking at Saint Denis kids they are very annoying to call you mr cowpoke or something like that
Every gang member has correct weapon reload animation, that means no more getting stuck when running out of ammo and having to take cover to get out of it
Some members slide from the mountains some do not

Archive also includes
Saves for all 23 characters, from it game can only hold 16 saves so choose wisely, saves prove to be useful, so for flawless experience are required
or simply make your own via save editor it's easy
i guess i'll have to say that too, BACKUP YOUR OWN SAVES!!! these will be the ones you'd like to go back to after uninstallation.

Gang member names

Charles Smith  
Simon Pearson  
John Marston Ped  
Micah Bell  
Dutch Van De Linde  
Leopold Strauss  
Lenny Summers  
Kieran Duffy  
Hosea Matthews  
Javier Escuella  
Sean Macquire 
Josiah Trelawny  
Bill Williamson  
Reverend Swanson  
Jack Marston Teen  
Sadie Adler  
Molly O'shea 
Mary-Beth Gaskill  
Karen Jones  
Susan Grimshaw  
Tilly Jackson  
Abigail Roberts 

Arthur is all fine
John is all fine
this mod does not replace player files

GJ's Gaming Center Discord Server you can find optional choise of characters from there if you don't want all of them playable

Note:This mod breaks bodyguard system of these gang members in the list, they might not follow you at certain points if this is installed so i highly recommend you to choose one at my discord and leave the ones out you don't usually play as, that gives you opportunity to play as your favorite character and have the ones you don't play as, Bodyguards

Recently discovered:This mod silences all camp members greeting you back for some reason, so they won't call you Arthur Morgan after you greet them and they'll just ignore you and go on with their day, might also make them all silent during camp freeroam meaning that they won't greet each other.