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Blackjack Colver Voltaire - Natsu - SgtJoe - Modifiver - Gameroll

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The original law fix mod. Designed to fix the issues with the law system, while going further and enhancing the system with lots of improvement

Permissions and credits
1. Minor crimes are disabled, lawmen now ignores you commiting minor crimes
2. Wilderness is now completely lawless, you can commit whatever crimes without getting wanted
3. Train robbery is no longer an instant wanted

Bounty Hunter
1. Reduced the chance for dogs to accompany bounty hunters
2. U.S Marshall (level 4) and Pinkerton Agent (level 5/max bounty) will now hunt you down once you incurred enough bounty

1. Witness Is now limited to 1. Once you stop them, there will be cooldown before another witness appear
2. Disabled witness in the wilderness

1. Lawmen are much more skilled and competent
2. Pinkerton are no longer aimbots

1. Respawning rider and wagon is now disabled, killing all lawmen will end pursuit
2. Completely reworked Saint Denis and Blackwater Dispatch. US Marshall (and Pinkertons in Saint Denis) will be dispatched in the final wave
3. Pinkertons now specifically uses elite horses
4. Wapiti Warriors will be dispatched in Ambarino and US Army will be dispatched in Cumberland Forest (Currently can only be seen by forcing wanted using Rampage)

Loadout and Health
1. Slightly Increased Lawmen health
2. Dispatched Lawmen carries rifles and shotgun
3. Pinkerton and US Marshall will carry pistol as their sidearms
4. Lawmen guns are always clean
5. NPC's carries different revolvers

Restored Armadillo Project Compability [OPTIONAL]
1. Restores Law and Order to Armadillo
2. Rebalanced Armadillo Law, no respawning riders

put crime_law folder into LML Folder. requires Lenny Mod Loader to be installed.
If you wish to use Restored Armadillo compatible version, disable the main version first

Exclusive to & Any upload not on these sites is STOLEN and may contain viruses, be outdated and should be avoided.

Discord Server
If you have any question, feel free to join the discord server

Blackjack Colver Voltaire