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This mod modifies values contained in VisualSettings.dat and the Graphics options menu in order to allow for new settings.

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Mod is no longer being developed as I'm becoming quite busy. Feel free to look over what I've done and create your own, it's just config values after all.
Use whatever you want, just pay attention to the License in the file contents ;)

Thanks for all the support, and looking forward to seeing other people's visual mods.

RDR2 Enhanced Visual Settings


This mod modifies values contained in VisualSettings.dat and the Graphics options menu in order to allow for new settings.

The mod requires you to install "Lenny's Mod Loader" which you can get here:
You'll also need Scripthook V for RDR2:

Drag and drop "lml" folder into your existing "lml"folder which will be there if you installed "Lenny's Mod Loader" correctly.

Optional: There is an optional folder containing Performance and HQ (high quality) presets for those looking to gain performance, or for those with beefy GPU's to crank things up a bit. Drag and drop one of the two optional folders on top of the existing mod's lml folder to install.

IMPORTANT: If you have a Nvidia card you MUST go into the Nvidia Control panel, and for Red Dead Redemption 2, find the "Shader Cache" option, and disable it! Failure to do this may cause a range of graphical bugs.

This has been tested on a GTX 1070, things may differ for you.
I take no responsibility for any problems you have with this mod, from computer to Rockstar account issues.

I consider this mod experimental, certain things may or may not work, especially the new "Special" settings, so don't be surprised if they're not working properly. Until I can find where the values for the various presets are stored, I have no way of fixing any problems they have. I merely unlocked them.

Last note:
You can mix and match features and even remove some as you see fit.
For example, if you only wanted the new options menu changes, when installing the mod just delete the update/common/ folder. If you wanted just the options and the vignette removal, only delete visualsettings.dat from update/common/data.
Experimenting is encouraged.


*Removed Vignette effect (for real this time)

*Added optional HQ and Performance presets
HQ changes:
-Increased various LOD distances
-Increased precision of volumetric fog
-Changed resolution of volumetric fog from 512 to 1024
-Increased shadow distance by 1.5x
-Increased soft shadow distance to 120
-Increased distance before various effects fade out
-Increased screenspace shadow sample counts

Performance changes:
-Reduced various LOD distances
-Reduced precision of volumetric fog
-Decreased resolution of volumetric fog from 512 to 256
-Decreased shadow cascade amount to 3
-Decreased range of various effects
-Decreased screenspace shadow sample counts

*Updated this changelog to reflect that minimum roughness was changed to 0.04, not 0.02 like previously stated.

*"Special" preset for Lighting Quality removed since it's bugged (thank you for letting me know kevinsesario)

*Removed Vignette effect

*In Graphics Options menu, allowed various options that had limited graphical settings to have expanded options (example: Before Temporal AA could only be set to Medium or High, now it can go Low through Ultra).

*For certain graphics options, added "Special" preset. This is an internal preset which Rockstar appears to have left for internal cinematics and lacks optimization. I left out certain options that simply won't work for anyone (the Textures option goes up to Special, but requires over 24GB VRAM to work, it must load every texture in the game at once).
Others, like "Special" shadows, will only work if you have more than 8GB VRAM.

*In Graphics Options, allowed the following INI-based changes to be made to settings.xml (in your Profile folder with your save-games):
-ssdoResolution now goes up to High (use the line "kSettingLevel_High")
-deepsurfaceQuality (affects SubSurface Scattering I believe) now goes up to "Special" (use the line "kSettingLevel_Special")
I'd like to add these and other settings directly to the Graphics Menu, but I haven't found the text file that has the title and description changes needed. If you find it let me know.

*Changes to visualsettings.dat include:
-Allowed up to 5 shadow cascades for better looking shadows (was 4 previously)
-Glowing objects will glow slightly brighter so you can see them better
-Normal Map Intensity for different materials changed to 1.0 across the board
-Minimum roughness allowed changed to 0.04 (was 0.0002, which might have caused unneccesary performance loss)
-Disabled Rimlighting (might not be functional, needs to be confirmed by users)
-Screenspace Shadows length decreased slightly to help minimize occasional graphical artifacts, strength of effect increased slightly
-Strength of "local lights" (lamps, candles, street lights, etc.) increased slightly
-Strength of particle shadows significantly increased
-Subsurface scattering effect increased slightly
-Slightly increased hair refraction
-Screenspace shadows close to the player have an increased amount of allowed samples to be taken
-Screenspace shadows far from the player have had their minimum and maximum sample amounts decreased since it's wasted performance
-Allowed slightly decreased minimum sample count for screespace shadows cast by NPC's (I've noticed no quality difference)
-Soft shadows distance has been doubled, and in interiors, softening effect has been increased slightly
-Maximum gore from head increased from "4" to "12" (I'm not sure if this actually works)
-Dithering now takes Luminance from each R-G-B channel (should increase dithering quality)

*Special note: When asking for support, add "IRTR" to the beginning of your post so I know you bothered to read this ("I Read The Readme"). Otherwise you will be ignored. This is to cut down on headaches from people who routinely ignore instructions and then ask dumb questions.