Red Dead Redemption 2
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This is a special Chapter 1 save that comes with several unlockables, including the coveted Legend of the East Satchel!

Permissions and credits
[List of Completed Missions ]

Chapter 1- ColterĀ 
1) Outlaws From The West- Gold Medal
2) Enter, Pursued By A Memory- Gold Medal
All other story missions and strangers are untouched

[List of Unlockables and Special Items]
Legend Of The East Satchel
Legendary Panther's Eye
Early Fishing Rod
Special Lake Lure
Upgraded Bolt Action Rifle
Double Action Revolver

All Gambler Challenges have been completed and all corresponding equipment is now available for purchase

The Legendary Panther Cloak, the Coyote Scout Jacket and the Ram Shotgun Coat are also in stock at the trapper. Buying them now would have made Arthur's Chapter 1 model shirtless however, so to avoid problems, you'll need to visit the trapper yourself to obtain themĀ 

Arthur can currently hold 89 cigarettes, up to 94 items in valuables, and provisions will be capped at 94 or 97 depending on the item's size

I don't know if crafting any new satchels will reset the value. I recommend keeping Arthur's original satchel and using a trainer if you want him to wear a different set. Otherwise you may bug the inventory. Its probably fine, but its something to keep in mind

Safe travels, fellers! :)