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About this mod

This mod creates a mission where you have to survive without weapons (at the beginning) on ​​an island with enemies.

Defeat the bear to win.

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Hello everyone, this is my first RDR2 mod that is still in development but I bring you a sample.I hope you enjoy.


This mod doesn't affect other mods.

Please save the game before start.

1-You will need ScriptHookRDR2 by Alex Blade (
2- Download the .rar.
3-  Decompress and PUT ALL FILES WHERE IS RDR2.exe


Press F7 to open the menu and Enter to start.

You can press the "H" key to whistle and attract the attention of the enemies (it can be changed in the .ini)

About the mod

When you start you will lose all your weapons.

At the beginning there is always a lasso and a tomahawk to start.

The goal is simple, look for the Molotov and go kill the bear.

The bear is on another island, you should use the canoe to get there.


+ Hide dead bodies in bushes or in the water (The enemy can fire the alarm if it is very close to the corpse anyway.)

+ Look what the corpses drop.

+ Whistle to attract enemies while you are hiding in a bush and catch them with lasso when they are close.


Thanks to the entire community at Discord (

and Alex Blade (for the sample source codes).

Good luck!