Red Dead Redemption 2

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upscaled the antagonists to higher resolutions, face textures are 2k while clothing within the face files are various resolutions higher than normal

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Upscales all the antagonists i could think of to 2k, most of them i even upscaled their clothing  but not all
dont really know what to put here so

put everything in the LML stream folder 

New fang, nothing
Had it made, to parade
Found a sucker, now I want another
Stand up, step aside, open wide
Hanging out and on until the feelings gone
Want to? Yes, I do
Wanna learn taking turns getting carpet burns
Loose lips, lipstick spit
Come or go
I think it's both I gotta know
Sometimes you break a finger on the upper hand
I think you've got me confused for a better man
Sometimes you break a finger on the upper hand
Say you've got me confused
I ain't a better man
No slack, Cadillac, couldn't quit
Gums flap so here's your teeth back
Accept what I left
Far behind in a time when my mind was like a landmine
Tailgate by the lake
Too much, too young, every button gonna come undone
Tightrope, no joke
Nothing left so you go baroque
Sometimes you break a finger on the upper hand
Said you got me confused with a better man
Sometimes you break the finger on the upper hand
I know you got me confused
Look out, what I've
New fang pressing down low
No more waiting around for
New fang pressing down, ah
No more waiting around, ah
New fang, new fang
They ain't gonna wait, no
New fang, new, oh
They ain't gonna wait no more