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This mod Upscales all Arthur Textures to 4k (Eyes to 1k) and also uses 2k versions of the materials and normal maps

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This Mod upscales all of Arthurs face textures to 4096x4096 it also upscales eyes to 1k (from 512x512) and uses 2k materials and normal maps and even includes beta textures which have also been upscaled

EDIT: im working on changing the textures as i figured out i didnt do them properly which is why is he looks more tan so ill be working on that at some point 

Version 2.00 changes a few things, firstly the textures are now better quality than 1.00 this is because this time i used seemingly unused, 2k versions of Arthurs regular, Guarma, and Beta TB textures as a base instead  of the Vanilla 1k versions i used previously.

these 2k textures also had 2k Normal and Materials maps which ive added and should increase the quality of the face itself.

Arthurs Body textures are now also 2k thanks to the seemingly unused 2k face textures

Sadly there was no 2k version of the regular TB textures i could use a base so they are the same but this is not the case with the Beta TB textures because as i mentioned before there was a 2k version of the TB ones i could use as a base for this version

all of this talk about 2k might be confusing so let me clear it up, 2.00 just has higher quality 4k textures than before while also adding higher quality (2k) materials and normal maps which i did not use before