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A megapack containing all of the lore-friendly Mexico map expansions from various creators
NOTE: These mods are NOT new, they are just all lore-friendly Mexican expansion mods which were previously individual, now put together

Permissions and credits
In celebration of 1000 Red Dead Redemption 2 mods on Nexus, I've put together a megapack with all of the lore-friendly Mexican map expansions that owners have given me permission to use. This intends to make the installation easier as they are currently all downloaded separately from different uploads.

Please note you have to have Lenny's Mod Loader & Script Hook RDR2 for it to work properly.

*I've putten the individual downloads for AClassySliceOfToast's mods in the Requirements section, as he would prefer they are downloaded from his own uploads.

If any new Mexico expansions are released, I will also add them to the Requirements section until I am given permission to include them in the main download

Credit to RedMaxBR, SergeantJoe, AClassySliceOfToast & DuPz0r, you can find each of their individual mods below, 


Railroad on Mexico:
El Matadero:
Casa Madrugada:
Camps in Mexico:
Butter Bridge:
Minor Constructions in Mexico:


Camps in Mexico Expansion:
Frontera Bridge:
Sidewinder Gulch:
El Presidio:
Laguna Borrego Camp:
Irish's Shack:


Ramita De La Baya:


Mexico On Minimap: