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This is an Autohotkey script for those that play RGO with Mouse and Keyboard.
It'll had a spring effect to the mouse, so it slowly returns to center screen when not moving. A must for precise shooting.

Permissions and credits
Edit the file "rgo_macros_mouse-spring_vars.txt" to adjust spring force.
(reduce the value to have a stronger spring, approach it to 0.999 to have a softer spring)

In the file "rgo_macros_mouse-spring_hotkeys.txt" you can define the hotkeys:
-Capslock activates cursor overlay over mouse and the spring effect
-F1 changes the cursor offset position for 3rd person view

-when some keys are pressed, the mouse-spring is temporarily disabled, since these are normally used to access in-game menus:
Left Control (Ship menu), M (system map), J (hypercruise), Escape (Game menu)

To recover the mouse spring when you return to in-flight, just press the Right Mouse button, since it's not used in any menu or map, and is easily accessed.
The J key was customized - it refers to the hypercruise - and is included, because the mouse spring bugs out with the hypercruise camera and needs to be disabled then.
Feel free to change any of these keys in the "rgo_macros_mouse-spring_hotkeys.txt" file.

Zip file contents: - autohotkey portable version.

The Autohotkey software is required to run the script.
You can unzip it anywhere and use it. It's a portable format.
Or you can download the latest zip or executable version from the site itself:

-rgo_macros_mouse-spring.ahk - this is the script to run.
-rgo_macros_mouse-spring_cursor.txt - the script part that manages the cursor overlay. It runs automatically.
-rgo_macros_mouse-spring_hotkeys.txt - the script part that manages key binds. It runs automatically.
-rgo_macros_mouse-spring_vars.txt - the script part that manages variables. It runs automatically too.
-cursor2.png - the image used as cursor overlay.
-readme.txt - this readme file.

How to use:
- Run the game
- Run the script "rgo_macros_mouse-spring.ahk", when the game has loaded.
- Press "Caps Lock" to activate the mouse spring when in flight.
- If you are playing in 3rd person view, press F1 to correct the cursor overlay position. (depending on your resolution, the cursor may be out of place. You can adjust that in the "rgo_macros_mouse-spring_vars.txt" file

Have fun!