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''Universal Order - Global Fascism'' turns every playable country from the base game into a fascist one-party-state, changing the respective flag, ideology, as well as interior and outer politics.

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The year is 2020 and the world has fully embraced Fascism. The iron rule of the fasces knows no horizon. Every modern nation is now led by their respective fascist party. You are free to choose your nation and your desired branch of Fascism. What does the future hold for your country and your beliefs? Is your nation willing enough to fight and prevail in this world of eternal struggle or will it be engulfed by the flame of a stronger people?

- 208 new fascist flags for every playable country
- Fascist flags for provinces that may become independent (e.g.: Fascist Catalonia, Fascist Scotland, Fascist Basque Country...)
- All 208 countries are led by a far-right one-party-state
- No democratic elections, the party stays in power
- 13 different branches of Fascism to choose from, replacing the adviser-system, including:
• Clerical Fascism • Esotericism • Fascism • Jingoism • National Anarchism • National Bolshevism
• National Socialism • Satanic Fascism • Strasserism • Syndicalist Fascism • Third Positionism • Traditionalism
- New adapted country descriptions/mini-scenarios, matching the new setting
- All nationalist projects already implemented (e.g.: Nationalist Society, Minorities Suppression)
- Aggressive and expansive AI-behaviour
- Turned off AI spying
- Turned off AI colonization
- Some name/scenario changes (e.g.: Rhodesia instead of Zimbabwe, Fascist Republic Of The Congo, instead of Democratic [...]) 
- Changed demographics and accepted cultures for Rhodesia (former Zimbabwe) and South Africa