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A custom map mod for Ready or Not. This map is built from independent assets allowing for a unique RoN experience set in a small modern office housing a small independent media company.
1.7GB in size. This is due to the use of custom assets from outside RoN.

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An armed group believed to hold politically extreme views have attacked an office space within the building a housing a small independent centrist media company. Most of the staff have been released. However, hostages have still been taken.

Now contained, you are to affect an entry via the service floor and clear the
office in it's entirety. Preservation of life of all persons inside is the ultimate objective and any force used should be in the defence of yourself or

  • A modern office interior design built entirely of independent assets proving a unique experience.
  • A challenging layout designed to combine points of danger from both open spaces intertwined with close to provide a different CQC experience to make you and your teammates think.
  • Randomised suspect spawns throughout the environment
  • Touches upon contemporary real-world issues.

                     Authors note

This is my first ever UE4/RoN mod/creation. I come at this as a complete beginner having no experience in game development or Unreal Engine.  Because of this all feedback is truly welcomeso future projects can be of a higher quality.

This could not have been achieved without the support of the RoN Custom Mappers discord and a special shoutout to ACowboybishop, RealSourc3, Vegriv,
Polyshifter, Goonsix and many more. This discord’s open source and collaborative approach will lead to a healthy pipeline of content creation.

Also thank you to my testers, you know who you are