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Adjusts all vanilla ranger green/olive drab items to a ranger green color and adds new ranger green variants to most items in game

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This mod aims to fix the issue of inconsistent, varying hues of green on the SWAT uniforms in-game. Ranger Green Armory will change all ranger green and olive drab items to a consistent ranger green color. This mod adjusts all ranger green and olive drab items (excluding SWAT '99 gear).

Optional Files:

  • Subdued Helmet Flag:  Replaces ALL red, white, and blue US helmet flags with a subdued variant in Ranger Green.
  • LSPD SWAT Patches:  Adds low-vis LSPD SWAT patches to most shirts, vests, and gear. No more unmarked officers!
  • FISA Patch Restoration for Ranger Green Armory:  Replaces FBI Patches with original FISA ones on FISA/HRT gear. Requires Ranger Green Armory main file.
  • Third Party Consistency for Ranger Green Armory:  A collection of minor texture edits to other authors' mods to keep colors relatively consistent with Ranger Green Armory. Some minor color variation is to be expected as always. Requires original mods to use. Current mods supported: Ballistic's JPC, Ballistic's FAST XP Helmet Cover, Ballistic's FAST SF Helmet



In addition, this mod was designed alongside my other mod, MultiCam Armory, and will not look out of place if one decides to mix and match these ranger green pieces with my MultiCam ones.


Extract and drop the mod file (.pak) into:

*SteamLibrary*\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks


This mod alters texture files, thus it should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the same textures, materials, or blueprints (in the case of added items). If you are using something that changes the same textures, then change the section of the filename 'pakchunk99' to 'pakchunk999' or add a 'z' at the beginning to put the desired mod further down the load order. Lower mods will overwrite any identical files above.


Q:  What items does this mod replace?

A:  This mod replaces all existing Ranger Green textures except SWAT '99 gear. Any new variants/styles this mod adds replace nothing. For example, my Ranger Green Caiman will be a standalone addition in its
own slot. The pre-existing vanilla options will remain untouched. No
vanilla items were harmed in the making of this mod.

Q:  Are you taking requests/commissions?

ANo. I will only entertain requests that would potentially improve any of the mods I've currently released.

Q:  What mods are used in the photos?

A:  Vests: Better Vests Remastered
Gun: M4A1 "Blacktail"
Laser + Light Combo: NGAL + M600U + Unity Hub
Pants:  Kitanica Raider
Cosmetics Fix