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Uses blueprints and render targets to give the lobby mirror a reflection.

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Adds a reflection to the lobby mirror using some camera hackery, render targets and UE4 blueprints and material trickery.

In Game Menu is required to load the blueprint code

  • Place in pak folder
  • Enable in IGM's mods tab and load a new level

Low resolution; configurable in IGM config's menu
Low FPS; configurable in IGM config's menu
Only renders players, missing attachments.
Environment background is static and won't quite align as expected.
There will be a mirror resolution threshold depending on your computer hardware and rendering resolution, where the game will begin to micro-freeze. You will need to lower the mod's resolution option in In Game Menu > Config > Lobby Mirror. 
DLSS (and probably FSR) can affect this threshold oddly. For example native 2560x1440 will run fine with a mirror resolution of 720. With DLSS Balanced, 482 is the threshold. For DLSS Quality 418 is the threshold.