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A replacement Game Default Map file to allow loading of levels from launch parameters -open= and -game=

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A simple level file to allow loading of levels and gamemodes from launch parameters -open= and -game=
Made for modders for use with the Quick Cook widget tool

  • Extract the download, then copy it to your game’s pak folder like any other mod.
    /Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/Paks/
  • Open %localappdata%\ReadyOrNot\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini
  • Add an empty line then add this override;
  • Save the Engine.ini
  • Optionally remove or rename startup movies in \Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Movies\


If open is not valid, the Main Menu level is loaded

Specify full path with file name to level to load it. No spaces.
  • /Game/ReadyOrNot/Level/Menu_V2/Lobby_V2
  • /Game/ReadyOrNot/Level/RoN_Station/Levels/Editable/RoN_Station_Core
  • /Game/ReadyOrNot/Level/Menu_V2/MainMenu_V2

Specify full path to game mode files or short names to load that game mode if -open= parameter is valid. No Spaces.
  • free
  • null
  • bs_coop
  • rd_coop
  • as_coop
  • bt_coop
  • hr_coop
  • lobby
-open=/Game/ReadyOrNot/Level/RoN_Station/Levels/Editable/RoN_Station_Core -game=lobby

-open=/Game/Mods/Levels/ForestHouse/Forest_House -game=free