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A small convenient store that's not so convenient.

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This is an asset pack from UE Marketplace called Convenience Store. I switched a lot of the layouts and added exterior designs as well as filled with new assets to create a great atmosphere in Ready Or Not. I've also added some environmental storytelling as well. I'm trying to create a story with all of the maps I make to have each map compliment each other in some way. So the Christmas level will be "Canon" to the story I'm trying to make.

Checkout the Release Trailer.

Updated for the latest patch of Ready Or Not. Previous versions of the map work as of hotfix #6.

Will be updating in the next couple days to fix more lighting issues.

Lore (Xmas is "Canon")
The 24/7 convenience store has been expanding it's locations throughout the city of Los Suenos. Reaching a total of 30 locations this year in Los Suenos alone. The company's tax records don't seem to make sense with how fast they are expanding and we've been thinking that something's been going down. Well now it seems like the time has come and the Rebels Rejects have taken 4 civilians hostage and killed the store manager. The store manager's name is Maximillian Hernandez and he has been the joint owner of the establishment along with a man named Gary Travelston. We haven't got any word about Gary but we're sure he has something to do with all of this. Get in there. Secure the hostages and see what you can find.


-3 different levels (Day, Night, Christmas)
-Each level has a different layout
-Day variant has some random prop spawns

-Full Fmod Support 
-Environmental Storytelling
-Various Spawns For Civilians and Suspects
-Destructible Environment
-Cars, fire extinguishers, glass (except entrance glass for level design purposes) etc.

Extract the download to your game's Paks folder. Usually:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks\
Note: Depending on your hardware,  maps may take up to 5 mins to load in. Also you drive in a cloud during the loading screen on the night variant.
After Release:

I plan on updating the map with every update for Ready Or Not and the barebones template. I'm also figuring out a way to make the level change it's layout every time but still really early. I will also be updating the map for bug fixes and such. So feel free to leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Known Issues:

-Metahuman mesh doesn't have hair and looks kinda weird. The game crashes when he does so hopefully in the future this will be fixed. I put a hat on him for the time being.

-Certain soda machines change to an incorrect mesh when shot. This is a problem on Void's end and will fix itself when Void makes the fix.

-Lack of foliage. For some reason my foliage turns white ingame. So I removed it. You can tell when you look at the xmas tree. It's winter so a white tree isn't that bad.

-Performance issues when using flashlight mod on Night variant. You might experience some fps dips due to flashlights in some areas. If you experience this, I suggest to turn on DLSS or FSR in Ultra Quality (FSR) or Quality (DLSS). The reconstruction still looks great while getting a huge boost in FPS.

-Bomb threat was postponed due to not being able to load in MP. If you want bomb threat for SP, I can upload that as well.


Thanks to Real Source, Rare Kiwi, Reap, Vegriv and everyone else in the RoN Custom Maps discord. I learned a lot from them and they helped me out a ton when I needed it. If you want to make your own map, consider joining the RoN Custom Maps Discord.



Please Delete Your World Gen to ensure a fix for AI navigation.

NotSoConvenient Day V1.0.1


-Fixed AI getting stuck on soda machines
-Fixed SWAT AI Pathing. They should be able to stack on doors correctly.
-Removed "evidence" (This was causing crashes in MP)

NotSoConvenient Night V1.1.0

Minor Patch


-Added more suspects
-A chance for lights to be on in shopping area


-Fixed AI getting stuck on soda machines
-Fixed AI Swat pathing


-Evidence (Causes crashes in MP)

NotSoConvenient Xmas V1.0.1


-Fixed AI Swat pathing
-Fixed AI Getting stuck on soda machines


-Evidence (Causes crashes in MP)