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Several packs to improve loadout choices. Extended mags for some pistols, convert 357 to TRR8 8 shot revolver, and a basic weapon unlocker. Stock game settings otherwise are unchanged- only additions.

Permissions and credits
My mod packs add stuff to the loadout while making no edits to base gameplay or weapons to keep the game close to stock.

The itemdatatable is no longer used for the most part which allows MUCH better mod compatibility across the board, and I was able to separate this mod into several packs so one can pick and choose what they want or don't want.  Host must have the R8 and mag mods for it to work.  Any mods that touch each individual weapon file will conflict, but mods that touch other weapons (or ensuring mods in this pack are loaded last) will work.  Note that weapon model replacers should generally not conflict or cause any issues.

NVGs for all should NOT conflict after new update!

1) Pistol Upgrade Pack- Extended mags
enhances pistol magazine capacities to modern levels and adds real effective alternatives to 5-7.  These mags are available in real life, and choosing less capacity for a swat team makes no sense.
- REQUIRES Ballistic's Glock TTI Mag Extension, and SauceJockey's Samurai Edge Mag Extension for the M92.  You can use the mod without
these but graphically the new capacities on the glock, and beretta won't make any sense.
- increased M92X mag sizes to 20 rounds, requires SauceJockey's Samurai Edge Mag Extension
- increased glock 19 mag size to 20 rounds, requires Ballistic's TTI mag extension
- increased M45A1 and TLE (1911) mag size to 8rds as flush fit wilson combat .45 1911 mags are widely available. *NOTE- there is a 10rd wilson combat mag model out there but no one has made a publicly available mod using it yet- will update if this ever becomes available.
- Any model replacers for M92x and glock should still work fine, and the mag extension mods also are likely to work just fine.

**SAUCEJOCKEY M45 and TLE 10rd magazine mod is strongly recommended- change his to 999 at the end to overwrite this one for M45 and TLE mags**

2) TRR8 Pack
- increased python capacity to 8- REQUIRES Ballistic's TRR8 replacer or it will look silly

3) Weapon Unlocker
- unlocks M14, G18 auto, G3A3, Saiga 12, MPL SMG, M4A1, and AK102. TAC700 added as a long tactical option. The same as all other unlocker mods some of these shoot slightly low.  Did not include some of the others as they are missing sounds or have awful animations.  I made minor edits to make magazine sizes accurate and improve sounds.  G3A3 does not come with attachments- I am not satisfied with the bolted on or floating appearance of attachments in other unlocker mods, and this issue is hard to fix without a completely new model with rails.  With this TAC700 is an alternative option to taking shield, GL, door breaching etc.

Note- this mod used to add M32 grenade launcher CS and stinger options.  I tried to bring the M32 back to life but as of yet can't figure out how yet, but there is likely a way so will add this if possible.