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This AI mod aims to be more realistic than the current AI in-game. Personally, I think the current AI has some unrealistic behaviour. This mod addresses that issue by tweaking certain values so that the overall gameplay is more realistic, well balanced, most importantly it's still fun & challenging!

Permissions and credits
It's finally here the most comprehensive AI overhaul mod!
The #1 Lore-Friendly AI mod on Nexusmods

AI Overhaul

  • Swat AI will be more likely to shout at suspects if the situation is possible instead of shooting at them constantly not giving them a chance to give up.
  • Swat AI will try to shoot at the Suspect with non-fatal shots not killing the suspect instantly so they just go down still alive and breathing, now you can get higher score more easily.
  • Increased SWAT AI Hearing Range, now they can hear sounds from further away.
  • Increased SWAT AI Vision Cone, now they clear rooms more efficiently and they will try to maintain 360° angle.
  • Reduced SWAT AI Model Collision, with this change now you are able to stay very close to your SWATmates without them blocking your way (very useful in tight places) and you can flow better between them (very useful when entering rooms with them).

Suspect AI

General Improvements
  • Suspects are more likely to hesitate.
  • Certain Suspects are more likely to grab a hostage.
  • Certain Suspects are more likely to commit Suicide.

  • Suspects are more likely to take cover/hide instead of rushing at you.

  • Suspects are more likely to surrender if they get hit by a bullet, suppressed, or see a dead comrade. So after you shoot/suppress them, don't forget to shout at them, give them a chance, see if they are compliant or non-compliant.
  • Readjusted vision cone so they are less likely to do a 360 spin.
  • Readjusted movement speed so that they have more weight when zig-zaging/strafing.
  • Added a few Roamers on all Maps.
  • Added Randomized Traps on certain Maps & Game Modes.
  • Added Bomb Vests on Hospital, Club, & Bomb Threat scenarios.
  • Added a rare chance for "Unarmed" Suspect to spawn on Farm, Port, Car Dealer, Meth House, & Importer (Postal).

  • Always watch your back! You never know what lies behind those shadows

Difficulty Setting based on Maps

    1. Easy: Gas Station, Importer (Postal), & Meth House.
    - Slower reaction time
    - Slower reload speed
    - Low accuracy
    - Low morale much more likely to hide or flank
    - Easy to surrender
    - High chance of hesitation afraid to shoot their guns

    2. Medium
    : Valley, Agency (Brixley), Port Hokan, Car Dealership, Hospital, & Modded Maps.
    - Medium reaction time
    - Medium reload speed
    - Medium accuracy
    - Medium morale somewhat confident might push you back
    - Less likely to surrender
    - Medium chance of hesitation
    - Small burst of fire can kill you BE EXTRA CAREFUL!

    3. Hard
    : Data Center (Mindjot), Penthouse (Brisa Cove), Ridgeline, Club, Hotel, & Farm.
    - Slightly faster reaction time
    - Slightly faster reload speed
    - Highly accurate
    - High morale very confident will use all available tactics to get the upper hand
    - Somewhat suicidal
    - Small chance of hesitation
    - Small burst of fire can kill you BE EXTRA CAREFUL!


Civilian AI
  • Civilians who are part of the victim are more likely to surrender.
  • Civilians that are "friends" with the suspect are less likely to surrender like in Meth House, Car Dealership, & Farm. Sometimes they won't listen to you so use your non-lethal equipment!

And yes my mod also works on modded maps! page

1. Main Version, this version aims to make the game as realistic as possible. Recommendation 1-5 Players.
2. No Traps, this version is for those who hate traps! Some modded maps have permanent traps that can't be removed.
3. Terrorist Hunt, this version is for those who want to re-live the old Rainbow Six experience. Remove all Civilians except on Active Shooter & Hostage Rescue scenarios. Sadly I can't remove Civilians that are part of the Mission Objectives like arrest Amos Voll, rescue Belle Brady, rescue Person of Interest, etc. as they are hard coded to the Map itself.
4. Xtra AI, this version is for those who like more challenge! Add 10-30 Suspects depending on the Map & Game Modes except Ridgeline sadly for some unknown reason I can't add more Suspect in that map. Recommendation 5-10 Players.
You can increase the Player Count by up to 16 Players by installing this mod In Game Menu -
All 4 versions above already include SWAT AI Overhaul
If you are installing the Bundle I already mix & combine these versions, so you just need to choose the one you like!
5. SWAT AI Overhaul Standalone, this version is for those who don't like my AI configuration and prefer the Vanilla AI behavior or just want to pair it with other AI mods out there!
This standalone version only includes:
  • Increased SWAT AI Hearing Range, now they can hear sounds from further away.
  • Increased SWAT AI Vision Cone, now they clear rooms more efficiently and they will try to maintain 360° angle.
  • Reduced SWAT AI Model Collision, with this change now you are able to stay very close to your SWATmates without them blocking your way (very useful in tight places) and you can flow better between them (very useful when entering rooms with them).

1. Make sure you don't install any other AI mod because my mod will conflict with them!
  • If you are using Standalone SWAT AI Overhaul you can install it with other AI mods.
  • If you are installing the Bundle I already mix & combine between mods versions, so you just need to choose the one you like!
2. Delete my previous AI version (if you install them).
2. Download WinRar or 7-Zip.
3. Extract the file.
4. Move the file to the Paks folder in this directory "steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks" or you can do this Open Steam, right-click ReadyorNot, hover ur mouse to "Manage" then click on "Browse Local Files".

Or use Vortex for EZ installation!
That's it, Enjoy!

How to Play Coop
1. Only the Host needs my mod, if the Host doesn't have it the mod will not work.
2. Disable Server-Side Checksum in the game settings.
Enjoy playing together!

1. Delete my .pak file from the Paks folder.

Updates Changelog
- SWAT AI Overhaul release.
- Increased SWAT AI Hearing Range.
- Increased SWAT AI Vision Cone.
- Reduced SWAT AI Model Collision.
- Suspects AI Overhaul release.
- Sorry too much change I made don't have time to explain every single one of them xD
- Fixed major Civilian bug on Port not using the correct model.
- No Traps, Thunt, & Xtra AI release.
- Slightly Increased Suspect AI Hearing Range.
- Slightly Increased Suspect AI Peripheral Vision.
- Slightly Reduced Hesitation Chance from Hard Suspects.
- Removed Unarmed Suspect on Thunt.
- Added more Civilians on Port and removes robes from few Slaves model.
- Added optional file No Unauthorize mod.
- Added more Suspects & few Civies on Hospital Bomb Threat.
- Removed Suppression Morale Decrease from Suspects on Terrorist Hunt & Xtra AI versions to make them not give up easily.
- Readjusted Cover Search Exclusion Zone to be based on Map size, smaller Maps will have shorter range to make close engagement possible with Suspects taking cover and vice versa.
- Added a few Civies on Hospital.
- Added more Roamers on Xtra AI.
- Added more Bomb Timer on Xtra AI.
- Slightly increased Suicide and Fake Suicide chance on Club and Hospital.
- Slightly increased Hostage Taker chance on Gas Station, Importer (Postal), and Hospital.
- Readjusted SWAT AI Model Collision to reduce the chance for them to get stuck on small obstacles.
- Readjusted Suspects Behavior on Meth House & Ridgeline so they are more likely to flee, hide, and flank.
- Readjusted Suspects Bone Target Zones so they will try to aim at your body first instead of aiming for your thigh.
- Added Maximum/Minimum AI Suspects & Civilians to Modded Maps to make gameplay more dynamic.
- Increased Suspect "Suppression" Weight so they are more likely to suppress at you.
- Increased Suspect "Hard Cover" Weight so they are more likely to take the nearest cover.
- Reduced Suspect "Push & Charge" Weight so they are less likely to rush at you.
- Possible fix for Suspect not shooting even their gun is already aiming at you.
- Possible fix for Suspect shoots randomly even though there are no SWAT nearby.
- Minor AI changes.
- Reworked All AI Archetypes to make them Smarter & Deadly.
- Increased the chance of Suspect grabbing a Hostage.
- Fixed a major bug where AI Suspects unable to surrender.
- Readjusted Civilian Archetype so they are more likely to Surrender or Hesitate depending on the situation.
- Readjusted 'SuspectSightStimulusReactionTime' and 'SuspectAlertReactionTimeMultiplier' on Hard Difficulties Suspects to be more fair and balanced.
- Increased 'EngagementTimeUntilReachedLastBoneZone' from 4 seconds to 6 seconds this change aims to have more balanced gunfights.
- Fixed major Civilian bug on certain Maps unable to Surrender.
-  Added a few Civilians to Meth House.
- Slightly reduced Suspects Unalerted Sight Range.
- Slightly increased Suspects Reaction Time for all difficulties.
- Potential fix for random Game Crash during gameplay.
- SWAT AI is now less hesitant to shoot at armed suspects.
- Reworked Suspects Hard Cover (Take Cover) behavior so now they can take cover immediately after hearing loud noises.
- Slightly reduced Suspect Reaction Time on Hard difficulty.
- Fixed Gas Station suspects unable to surrender if being suppressed.
- Removed Suspect Hesitation Chance from Xtra AI version so they will never hesitate to shoot their gun, this change is to reduce the likelihood of unintended unauthorized use of force penalty during chaotic gunfights.
- Reworked certain Suspect actions like taking cover, flanking, fleeing, dueling, etc to be interruptible by other actions. It means that if other action's requirements are met they will cancel the current action immediately so they can do the next action instantly without the need to finish the current action, in short making the AI more dynamic than before.
- Fixed major Suspect bug on Hotel unable to surrender after being stunned.
- Readjusted Suspect BoneRetargetingRate and EngagementTimeUntilReachedLastBoneZone to be less accurate/aimbotty.
- Some minor AI adjustments.
- Fixed SWAT AI stuck on Stairs.
- Readjusted Suspect Duel & Suppression weight so they are more likely to suppress at you.
- Some minor AI adjustments
- Reduced Suspect Accuracy on Ridgeline
- Reduced the chance of Suspect Blindfiring from a Cover
- Change Civilian behavior on Active Shooter so they give up easily instead of running away from Officers
- Remove Player Head bone from Suspect BoneTargetZones so the Suspect can't Headshot aimbot/snapshot (They can still 1 tap you if you are low on Health)

Known Base Game Issues:
- Rare bug where AI suspects can get stuck on a door.
- Rare bug where AI suspects moving sideways or backward without noticing you.
- Broken Civilian Death Animation when killed by a Suspect in a Hostage Situation.
- Weapon Evidence desyncing between Players.
- Bad SWAT AI Pathfinding in general across all maps.
- SWAT AI unable to shoot at melee suspect.
- SWAT AI unable to shoot back if there is no direct line of sight.
- SWAT AI unable to interact with certain doors.
- SWAT AI doesn't clear rooms properly sometimes 2 of em are clearing the room and the other 2 are brainless a holes just standing on the door not entering the room, etc.
- Playing on Modded maps will break the Swat AI. (Fixed by devs)
- SWAT AI doesn't follow you on certain places around the map, my assumption is that the newer Maps have bad SWAT AI Pathfinding/Waypoints so they are unable to follow you. (Fixed by devs)

Known Mod Issues:
- Playing with Xtra AI mod can cause some game instability issues like low frame rate, desync, and game crash. If you want to host a game with Xtra AI you need a good PC to avoid crashing.
- There is 1 Blank map marker on the bottom right side of the Map Selection screen, this is normal nothing to worry about.
- Civilian bug on certain Maps unable to Surrender. (Fixed by me)
- Sometimes AI Suspects unable to surrender. (Fixed by me).
- Playing with more Players can cause the AI Suspect to be "Braindead" meaning they are making weird decisions and not shooting at you even their gun is up. (Fixed by me).

The AI is nowhere near perfect, expect some weird things happen to them, the game is still in Early Access after all...

This is my first AI mod hopefully you guys are happy with it!
Thanks to the RoN Modding Community for the guidelines & tools they provide!
Big thanks to Kalugaa and others for testing and providing the best feedback!
Just try it and let me know your thoughts! :D


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