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This mod enables friendly fire and makes the game more difficult.

Be Careful you can kill your own teammates accidentally.

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What is this mod?:

This is a mod which enables friendly fire and makes the game more realistic and more difficult.

Isn't it ridiculous that you aren't able to damage your teammates? When I shoot rocket launcher directly to their face , they act like hey you just shoot me and not getting any damage?

You should think twice (maybe third) times before using your rocket launcher , dark matter gun  and grenade launcher (If you are nearby a teammate They can die instantly.

In vanilla version of this game you can't damage your teammates even The game won't allow you to shoot directly to your teammates.

But if you install this mod you can damage them and shoot directly to your teammates if you want.


1- Go into your quake4 main directory and open q4base directory.
2- Backup your gamex86.dll If you want to revert the game to default (Optional)
3- Delete gamex86.dll , game000.pk4 , game100.pk4 , game200.pk4 , game300.pk4
4- Paste the gamex86.dll into q4base folder.
5- Now you can play the Quake4.

additional: I tested this mod on steam and gog version but I didn't try it on pirate version. So if your game won't  open on pirated version of the game  try installing Quake 4 1.4.2 patch.

Additional Features And Warnings:
1- If you didn't launch the game at least one time And if you install this mod. Game wants CD key from you. So at least launch 1 time and after that install this mod

2-You can't request health from medic and tech Because  when you press your left mouse button you will shoot and damage them. And there is a bug  even if you request hp or armor they won't refill your health and armor :D I tried to fix it but I couldn't do it.

3- As an additional feature from me:  you can not refill your health and armor but If you have a medic or tech with you They will automatically refill you when you are below 80 health or 80 armor (In vanilla game it is 35).

4- I tried to run this mod with sikkmod and looks like it is working well.

That is all. Try not to kill your teammates :)