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Adds lightsabers to your anti-zombie arsenal

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! ! Released ! !
In addition to Standard Sabers, Shoto and Staff Sabers are now in and craftable!

My sincere apologies on the lack of progress, RL issues have kept me a bit busy at the moment.
Short Sabers, and Saber Staff models will be up by 30/06/2022. Released

Recipes! Now you can craft your own saber!

Recipes reworked to be a little more achievable, I mean how long do you have to search to find 2x "8X scopes". LOL!
Please note that the components for these recipes are not always easy to get hold of, and crafting them takes considerable time.
I felt more of a challenge was appropriate.

Lightsaber models.
Available In:

Padawan Blue,
Passionate Purple,
Raging Red,
Goodly Green,
Bright Light,
Gloomy Dark,
Brave Orange,
Twin-Sun Yellow!

More blade lengths, hilt lengths and hilt finishes available soon!
(Force sensitivity not included)

Honestly, this is just a cobbled together attempt to get tommysticks mod:  Light Saber to work a bit better with newer versions of Project Zomboid.

I can't figure out putting an emissive light on the model yet, so don't go getting your hopes up too high. lol.